Analyst Apple has built a Smart TV prototype

first_imgJust yesterday, when we reported on the news that Apple might be working on licensing their new AirPlay technology to HDTV makers, we commented on what a bunch of hogwash the perpetual rumor of an Apple-branded Smart TV actually was. Now that rumor’s back again, with a vengeance. Read on to hear us debunk it all over again.According to an analyst speaking to investors, a routine supply check shows that the Cupertino tech giant is building a “Smart TV prototype.” The reason Apple is supposedly trying to build a television is summarized by Morgan Stanlet analyst Kat Huberty, who writes that each percent of the TV market that Apple could capture is worth $4 billion.We’ve heard all of this before. For example, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster has long had a hard-on for the idea of a real AppleTV. He’s been predicting one for years, in fact.I just don’t buy it at all. Apple is not interested in making televisions: they are expensive and hard to get people to upgrade. People but televisions with the intention of upgrading them every decade, not every couple of years. Apple’s whole business is based upon the idea of getting customers on a regular upgrade cycle: they are just as likely to build a real TV as they are to build a car.In fact, they’re less likely to build a Smart TV than a car, because by simply licensing their AirPlay technology to other HDTV makers and selling the $99 AppleTV, they can turn any television on Earth in an AppleTV. They don’t need to build a real television to have a presence in the living room… they’ve already got it.Read more at Cult of Maclast_img read more