A comfortable bed and a strong WiFi signal are key factors for business travelers from Croatia

first_imgToday, business travel is important, if not necessary for success at work, not only because of its positive impact on the job, but also because of the opportunities to broaden the horizons and develop the potential of employees.Thus, 67% of business travelers from Croatia believe that getting to know new cultures and destinations contributes to their business success, with the majority being employees in the education sectors (74%), employees in local and state administration (71%) and sales employees (70%). . These are some of the conclusions of the latest research by Business Booking.com, a global leader in connecting business travelers with the largest selection of accommodation. The survey was conducted among 17.000 employees from 24 countries, including Croatia, and reveals how important travel is for business travelers for professional growth and success at work, including important differences between professions.Employees use business travel as an opportunity for professional developmentWhen asked what they want to achieve on business trips, more than half of the respondents from Croatia (58%) state learning new skills while global data are slightly different, almost half (48%) state the expansion and growth of the company’s business. Employees from Croatia believe that the most exciting destinations are full of business opportunities in Zagreb, Sydney and London.However, comparing different professions, the results of the global survey reveal a number of personal and business ambitions for growth in global respondents:Employees in the fields of health and social care (45%), arts and culture (43%), education (41%) and media and communication (41%) are looking for inspiration and ideas that they will be able to apply in everyday work (compared to 37%). total average)Half (50%) of employees in humanitarian and non-governmental organizations want to spend time with colleagues and clients and strengthen business relations (compared to 36% of the total average)The main goal of the Armed Forces and employees in education (41% each) is to acquire new skills that they will be able to apply in their work (compared to 36% of the average)Getting to know the new culture and its impact on business is the main goal of employees in the tourism and travel sector (39%), management consultants (37%) and architects and designers (36% compared to 30% of the average).Travel has a significant impact on business success in a number of professionsAlmost half of employees (51%) said that the possibility of setting aside a few hours for private enjoyment of the destination during a business trip has a positive effect on the success of business meetings, most notably among management consultants (58%) and architects and designers (57%).Despite the advantages of modern technology and advanced communication channels, there is an established business reason for live meetings. Two thirds (65%) of respondents from Croatia believe that live meetings with colleagues and clients are key to business success, although as many as 56% (respondents from Croatia) try to avoid interaction with travel agents and people who organize accommodation.When traveling on vacation, employees from Croatia have different ideas about vacation. Employees in the banking sector prefer a romantic trip with a partner (31%), employees in the education sector prefer going to festivals and events (36%) while employees in the manufacturing and logistics sector prefer solo travel (20%)Travel, business or leisure are not always stress freeThe top five stressors for travelers from Croatia according to Booking.com research are travel cancellation or delay (54%), sudden illness, cold (47%), poor Wi-fi or forgetting an important item from home or work (both 37 %) and ignorance of the language of the location where the passenger is (37%).Unfortunately, not everyone can separate business from private. When traveling on vacation, 24% of employed passengers from Croatia cannot completely relax during their vacation and as many as 41% claim that they must have internet access for work. Employees in the sales sector (27%) find it most difficult to relax during the holidays because they often have to make business phone calls.Business-friendly accommodation is key to boosting the potential of business travelChoosing the right accommodation plays a key role in increasing the potential of a business trip. More than half of the respondents from Croatia (66%) believe that the large selection of available overnight accommodation for business trips makes travel more attractive, and 41% agree with the statement that a large selection of travel and accommodation for business travelers is necessary today.A comfortable bed (66%) and a strong WiFi signal (58%) are at the top of the list of key facilities for business travelers from Croatia, followed by a quality breakfast (42%). The choice of accommodation largely depends on the location, and easy access to meetings (59%) and locations around the city center (30%) are among the top priorities. With Business Booking.com, facilities that offer listed content that has been positively rated by previous business travelers are displayed at the top of the search results.When it comes to the most frequently booked types of accommodation by profession of travelers from Croatia during a business trip and during a vacation:employees in the banking sector for business travel will most likely book accommodation for middle purchasing power users (53%) who offer an excellent breakfast (32%), and when traveling on vacation it is important to them that the location has a certain charm (29%) and that it is located near the city center (41)Employees in the sales sector will most often book accommodation in all-inclusive destinations (28%) and want to be close to top restaurantsand nightlife (19%) and in a modern neighborhood (19%), and will most likely choose accommodation that has a terrace or events on the roof of the hotel (22%)employees in the manufacturing and logistics sectors choose vacation-friendly accommodation during their holiday trips (16%) and want to be close to greenery and parks (35%)employees in the technology and programming sector want to experience something new and see new amazing locations (54%)last_img read more