Bungie releases 12 minute 1080p Destiny gameplay trailer

first_imgWhen Bungie announced it was developing a new IP called Destiny back in February, millions of gamers stopped what they were doing and started listening. This is the company that brought us Halo after all, so they know what they are doing when it comes to first-person console shooters.Destiny turned out to be an online shared-world shooter Bungie expects to keep supporting with content for a decade. The game may not be a next-gen launch title, but applications started being accepted for the beta in March, and we finally got to see a good chunk of gameplay during E3.However, that gameplay was only shown during the PS4 E3 event. Videos of the footage since then have been low resolution snippets from that showing. But Bungie fixed that yesterday by releasing the official version on YouTube. You’ll be glad to hear its a 1080p version and consists of 12 minutes of gameplay footage.As the video demonstrates, Destiny puts heavy emphasis on playing the game with friends in a sort of MMO FPS setup. This demo looks great, but I can do without all the forced player chatter. People just don’t talk like that when playing, and it does nothing to enhance the video.Some interesting features on display are the weapon development system and public events. It looks as though defeating enemies drops loot which contains new weapons. You can pick-up and equip those weapons, but they have their own development tree, meaning you can enhance them as you play ultimately making them more powerful. The public events seem to be choreographed mini battles that appear in the world allowing lots of players to work together to defeat an influx of enemy units. That should break up the normal gameplay quite nicely.Bungie also released another gameplay video on June 10 that’s not as in-depth, but does show off a bit more of Destiny’s world:Now read: Halo 4 won’t be ported to Windows 8, but maybe it should belast_img read more