Web site must have value talk about my site experience

From the

to the station at the beginning I knew is the establishment of a point of no return (not frustrated road). No chunhuaqiuyue concept, new technologies and new applications to all Internet Oriented; to the topic, gossip, thriller, pictures, visual aesthetic tattle and prate mainstream video based on search engine rules; rules. Adhere to update every day, keep copying, paste, copy paste…

from the initial excitement to admit to confusion, fast growing and near instant success and lead to consequences, is found in other unknown own website and Internet website is no different. I do not know how many webmaster is to build a website for pure love, and how much is the ultimate goal of entrepreneurship. In those days of suffering, I have come to understand that to be a good website, there must be the value of existence (also known as the market economy that conforms to the Internet). Maybe you’re a money maker, and you’re happy with SEO, spam, plug ins, virus promotion, crazy buying online ads, and so on. This is understandable, but this article wants to communicate with the webmaster who wants to do better. read more

Hulu talking about the potential and development of info domain name

talk about why cucumis.org register a domain name info? Not that com is the best? This sentence is true, but com is expensive, the price at between 45-100, com meters is really good, but the relative ratio of info no price advantage, why the development of the info domain and.Net domain name.Com? Due to gradual depletion of resources, taking.Biz and.Info as the representative of the new company name is on the rise,.Info domain name is also becoming some of the Internet information services company preferred. Specify the name and code of the Internet company (ICANN) in September 2001 19 to enable the.Info domain name, initial info domain name domain name registration company only accept pre registration order, a friend will ask that the price advantage of CN meters with ah, yes, 1 dollars of the CN domain name is the price advantage, but the last time after the price of CN meters between 20-100, and now the country can allow individuals to register the CN meters, so CN also exclude read more

Class leader e commerce B2C mall to buy electricity experience

today, a friend asked me where to buy appliances more suitable, so I have to write this article ideas, he is to do network marketing, just in this year’s eleven national day to Beijing in the new home purchase new appliances, also had some experiences from my professional point of view to give you an analysis of several major features of B2C type electronic commerce website at present, and how to choose their own shop.

first of all, to see what to buy products, to buy books can buy Dangdang, or Amazon can, this time I’m buying large appliances, so mainly to talk about where should we buy electricity. read more

How do talent websites make money

small talent network

generally small talent net is a technical background, built a small website, or from sales, to spend money to find someone to build a talent website, and then collected positions in the talent website, enterprise information more and more keywords, search engines are included, flow come, not included, dead.


websites such as talent network keyword is very special, general XX company, XX company, the key enterprises in addition to the site originally to, few other places of this kind of words, so the keyword optimization is relatively simple, the most simple way is to try to collect more information and position information of enterprise recruitment. Flow, advertising revenue to. read more

Five strokes teach you to write the best soft Wen

in the network, more and more soft occupation, because of the high quality of soft Wen can not only increase the site of the connection, also can let the site to get good rankings, my website is currently included in Baidu and GOOGL increased significantly and many keywords have good rankings, I think this is mostly due to the soft effect. So, how can you write high quality soft Wen? What kind of soft text is easy to reprint? Today, I in the webmaster online share with you I write soft Wen experience,. read more

Establish the brand image of B2C mall through details

The development process of

in the B2C mall, for those who have passed the preliminary test of survival, on a basis of the revenue side of the website, to further expand the development of the key is to establish the brand image of the mall. The brand image of the customers to browse and buy a lot of useful information in the process of transfer, for example: this store is very professional, this mall price special discount, this mall product quality is very good…… Wait。 The author of the actual experience to talk about how to establish the brand image of B2C mall through details. read more

How to find a weighted domain name what skills

everyone in the domain name registration, must want to pick some good weight domain name. According to the author’s understanding, want to choose a good domain name, weight domain name, that is a very difficult thing. I used to spend a lot of time to go over, then basically failed. So, we really can not find the weight of the domain name? In fact, if you look carefully, you can find a good domain name. The author according to their own experience, share how I find the weight of domain name. read more

How does the nternet Update users view the site’s code ads

content tutorial

what will you learn from this article,


domestic and international verification code advertising introduction

The importance of

authentication code advertising user experience

authentication code, advertising user experience data,

on-line 5 months, how the performance of the verification code advertising?

authentication code in various forms


12 years in July, verification code advertising as Baidu Union’s new advertising products, gorgeous on-line. What is a verification code advertisement? As the name suggests, insert ads into the input verification code. How do you insert? Like this, extend the authentication area, embed an advertisement, extract the content of the ad, and make it into the authentication information that needs to be entered by the user. read more

Are social e commerce sites social or social

since 2011, the domestic social e-commerce has finally become popular. In March 1st, shell network also Nirvana rebirth. The same day a lot of product managers, operators, entrepreneurs rush into testing the rebirth after five years of products. Different opinions, perhaps because the angle of the station is different, so the view is also different. But shell nets also have their own characteristics, that is, let you do a DNA test.

I patiently finished every step of the test, access to their personal pages, see all of their products have been checked in, and give me a comprehensive report: read more

lit a cigarette that didn’t want to order

ear alarm clock ticking like a copy of the Manchurian catalpa sound echoed in my ear……..

I picked up a point is not to smoke, because this day to normal people live today because I get up early, also in the afternoon to go out, is really a rare weekend lifestyle, want to continue a normal life habit, sleep a little earlier, but when the time slowly flowing to 12 o’clock, the impact force between intangible a habit of telling me, this is my show time, now is not suitable for sleep. Suddenly I was very conscious of the sit to begin drafting this article you are looking at in front of the computer. read more