Morocco, Key Partner for EU: Mogherini

Brussels  – Morocco is a strategic partner of the European Union (EU) on various issues, including counter-terrorism, migration and renewable energy, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini said.”Morocco is a key partner in the southern neighborhood,” Mogherini added in response to the letter sent to her by a group of MEPs on the need for the EU to strengthen its relations with the Kingdom.”There are many challenges that we must face together. This is why it is important that we strengthen our efforts not only to continue our cooperation, but to strengthen it in all areas that we have successfully addressed in recent years,” the EU foreign policy head stressed. On March 17, Morocco’s government decided to resume contacts with the European Union.Following the decision of the kingdom to suspend contacts with European institutions, MEPs and high officials of the European Commission and the European Council underlined the need for both sides to resume relations, which are based on a long-standing partnership.With MAP read more

Annan head of international employers group urge support for Global Compact

The statement signed by Mr. Annan and President François Perigot calls on employers’ organizations to urge their members to embrace and enact the principles of the Global Compact. The Compact’s nine guiding principles are drawn from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Labour Organization’s Fundamental Principles on Rights at Work, and the Rio Principles on Environment and Development.The joint statement released following a meeting today in New York said that the two sides agreed that the Global Compact should remain inclusive and open to employers, regardless of their size or location, “especially given that there are many ways to make progress in implementing the principles of the Compact.” They also agreed that the Global Compact “is not a substitute for other approaches, such as regulation, and that it is a voluntary initiative that seeks to motivate employers to act within their sphere of influence.”The International Organization of Employers has used its global network to promote the Compact throughout the world by convening meetings on the initiative and preparing materials on the subject, including an Employers Guide to the Global Compact in Arabic, English, French, Spanish and Russian, according to the statement.The Secretary-General expressed appreciation for this commitment to the Compact emphasizing the importance of involving companies from the developing world in the future efforts of this nature, the statement said. read more