Store Your Stogies in an Ammo Box Humidor

first_img Shark House’s Dramatic Angles Have Serious Bite If you go through cigars like Rambo goes through bullets, you need to get yourself an Ammodor.Designed and built by a small company in Greensboro, NC, Ammodors are a unique line of cigar humidors made from modified US Military surplus metal ammunition cans. On the outside they look like any old ammo can, but pop open the lid and you’ll realize they’re anything but.For starters, the lid of each can is outfitted with a rubber seal around the rim, making the box 100 percent waterproof and airtight. Inside the rugged steel casing, you’ll find that the whole interior is lined with precision milled 1/4″ thick Spanish Cedar – the ideal lining for high-end humidors since it naturally repels tobacco worms and mold. It also has excellent humidity absorption characteristics, thereby making it perfect for cigar humidification. In addition to the cedar lining, deluxe models also come equipped with top-of-the-line Xikar humidifiers and hygrometers for long-term accuracy and minimal maintenance.Ammodor boxes come in a variety of different sizes, and custom designs are available upon request. Check out for details. Cigar Humidors 101: What They Are, How They Work, and the Best Picks Editors’ Recommendations Why Tea and Beer Go Well Together (and 5 Tea Beers to Try) How to Get Rid of Cigar Breath, Smell, and Smoke How to Smoke Meat: Everything You Need to Know last_img read more

The Latest Victims attorney PGE 11B settlement positive

SAN FRANCISCO — The Latest on PG&E agreeing to pay $11 billion as part of settlement with insurers (all times local):11:30 a.m.An attorney representing hundreds of California wildfire victims says Pacific Gas & Electric agreeing to pay $11 billion in a settlement with a group of insurance companies is a step in the right direction.Gerald Singleton represents more than 5,000 victims who lost their homes in Northern California wildfires started by the utility’s equipment.Singleton said the agreement announced Friday is good for the beleaguered company because it now has reached settlements with insurance companies and public entities.He adds “now we just have to get a fair amount for the individuals.”The utility announced it agreed to pay $11 billion to a group of insurance companies representing claims from Northern California wildfires in 2017 and 2018. It also reaffirmed its commitment to paying $1 billion to local governments.___7:20 a.m.Pacific Gas & Electric and a group of insurers say they have reached an $11 billion settlement to cover most of the claims from the 2017 and 2018 wildfires in California.The utility said in a statement Friday the tentative agreement covers 85% of the insurance claims, including a fire that decimated the town of Paradise.A group of insurers said in a separate statement the settlement is well below the $20 billion the insurance companies had sought in bankruptcy court.PG&E Corp. on Monday released a plan to offer nearly $18 billion to victims, insurance companies and cities and public entities in California that battled fires sparked by electrical equipment.PG&E sought bankruptcy protection in January because it said it could not afford an estimated $30 billion in damages.The Associated Press read more