English Premier League Standings

first_imgP W D L GF GA GD Pts1 Leicester City 25 15 8 2 47 27 20 532 Tottenham Hotspur 25 13 9 3 45 19 26 483 Arsenal 25 14 6 5 39 22 17 484 Manchester City 25 14 5 6 47 26 21 475 Manchester United 25 11 8 6 32 22 10 416 West Ham United 25 10 9 6 38 29 9 397 Southampton 25 10 7 8 33 24 9 378 Everton 25 8 11 6 46 34 12 359 Liverpool 25 9 8 8 32 36 -4 3510 Watford 25 9 6 10 27 27 0 33 P W D L GF GA GD Pts11 Stoke City 25 9 6 10 24 31 -7 3312 Crystal Palace 25 9 5 11 26 30 -4 3213 Chelsea 25 7 9 9 33 35 -2 3014 West Brom Albion 25 7 8 10 23 32 -9 2915 Bournemouth 25 7 7 11 29 41 -12 2816 Swansea City 25 6 9 10 24 33 -9 2717 Newcastle United 25 6 6 13 26 44 -18 2418 Norwich City 25 6 5 14 28 48 -20 2319 Sunderland 25 5 5 15 30 49 -19 2020 Aston Villa 25 3 7 15 20 40 -20 16last_img read more

Overcrowded prisons pose serious health risk – report

first_imgWhen it comes to health matters, an Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) report has found that the overcrowding at Guyana’s prisons put inmates at risk of contracting contagious diseases.Data suggests the importance of reducing prison overcrowdingIt is a situation that the Citizen Security and Strengthening Programme (CSSP) Prison Survey report zeroed in on. Completed and handed over to the Government recently, the report found that 44.1 per cent of inmates had been stricken with the flu and other chest infections.The report states that 8.9 per cent of prisoners had gastro-intestinal problems; 4.5 per cent were affected by tuberculosis; 2.4 per cent suffered from depression and anxiety, 0.8 per cent were infected with HIV/AIDS and the remainder had other conditions such as malaria and chicken pox.“During their stay in prison, 67.4 per cent of inmates got sick. Besides, 45.9 per cent of the inmates said that HIV/AIDS tests were performed on them to verify whether they were infected or not,” the report states, adding that 53 per cent were not tested.According to the report, 80.6 per cent of the inmates, after being diagnosed with an illness, continued to share a cell with other inmates. Approximately 18.1 per cent responded in the negative, while the question was not applicable to the remainder.Meanwhile, the survey found that 46 per cent of inmates were taken to the hospital at some point during their incarceration. This was not so for 53.1 per cent of the prison population, while the question was not applicable for a select few.“In summary, given on the one hand the overcrowded and poor state of facilities, and the scope and type of diseases reported by the inmates, it is very likely that some inmates get sick from contagious diseases.“Authorities should pay special attention, because care and medicines are mostly in place, the overcrowding may be the trigger for the large reported cases of diseases,” the report also states.PopulationAs of January 2017, there were a total of 2043 inmates in Guyana’s five jails, although the largest one – the Camp Street Prison – was subsequently gutted in a fire. At the time, the Georgetown prison had 963 inmates, 521 of whom were on remand; Lusignan had 153, of which 32 were remanded; Mazaruni, 360 and Timehri, 130 inmates, including 28 remand prisoners.All of the prisoners were male, while New Amsterdam Prison had a male prison population of 352 and a female population of 85. One and fifty of these men and 31 women were on remand.In 2016, a fire had raged through the Camp Street Prison and claimed the lives of 17 prisoners. Afterwards, a Commission of Inquiry (CoI), which cost the treasury some $13 million was ordered by President David Granger.According to the report compiled by the Commissioners, the combination of overcrowded, uncomfortable and unhygienic confinement are all ideal conditions for epidemics, for gangs to prosper and to propagate discontent.Moreover, the CoI found that reducing numbers in prisons to manageable levels is the single most important priority for establishing safe, humane and purposeful prisons. In the wake of another fire in July, which gutted the wooden section of the Camp Street Prison, the need to reduce the prison population was further emphasised to the Government.Since last year, Government had received a loan from the IDB to support its Criminal Justice System Project. The key objective of the Project is reducing the prison population.last_img read more

2018 Ohio State Fair Junior Market Lamb photo highlights

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest  Photos by Lea Kimley. Champion Drive Champion Drive Champion Drive The judge gets ready to select the champion Champion Drive Champion Drive Champion Drive Champion Drive Champion Drive Grant Johnson, Wayne Co., gets the champion handshake. Grade Champion Drive Grade Champion Drive Bailee Amstutz stays focused in the Grade Champion Drive. Grade Champion Drive Grade Champion Drive Grade Champion Drive Grade Champion Drive Shelby Manning, 19, Darke County watches the judge in her grade class. Kendall Sattler, Henry Co., finished fourth in a tough grade class. Bailey Amstutz getting intense with her grade market lamb Morgan Evans, 13, of Union Co., with her lamb Bailee Amstutz leads her lamb around the ring Madison Gilbert, 15, of Clinton County sets her grade lamb up for the judge. Top 5 in the grade class Caleb Stone, Miami Co., and Ian Johnson, Union Co., in the Natural Colored champion drive Sarah Young, 17, of Highland Co. shows her grade market lamb. Maggie Mathews, 15, of Clinton Co. in the top 3 of her grade class Caleb Stone, Miami Co., receiving a handshake from the judge moments after being named Res. Champion Natural Colored Circling the ring to compete for Natural Colored champion Bracing in the Natural Colored champion drive Natural Colored chamion drive Ian Johnson, Union Co., with his Grand Champion Natural Colored The judge, Gene Winn, awaits the champion Natural Colored drive Erin Dilger-Lawrence from Licking County shows her Natural Color lamb Staying focused in the ring Harley Hanes sets up her sheep for the judge Class 1 of the Natural Color breed Jada Shroyer wins the Brockle breed Linsey Eddy, 15, shows her Brockle London Reichart zones in on the judge The judge evaluates his top 3 Brockles Staying intense in the Brockle class The Brockle class gets lined up Champion Hampshire drive Entering the ring to compete for champion Natural Colored Grant Johnson being named Grand Champion Hampshire Weston Stephens, Ross Co., receives a handshake from the judge after being named Reserve Champion Hampshire Mylee Shattoe, Shelby Co., shows helps her sister also be named Res. Champion Southdown Elizabeth Shatto, Shelby Co., shows her Southdown to champion honors The Southdown Champion Drive Jacob Roeth, Miami Co., with his Southdown Mylee Shatto, 11, shows her sister’s Southdown to 2nd place. The judge evaluates the Suffolk class Jordan Collam, 12, of Clinton County was named Grand Champion Suffolk Champion Dorset, McKala Grauel of Hardin Co. Exhibitors maintain eye contact while the judge places the Dorset class Exhibitors brace for the judge The judge evaluates the top end of the Dorset breed Carter Lampe, 11, of Wood County was named Res. Champion Suffolk Paige Bremke shows her sister Alaine’s Res. Champion Dorset The Oxford drive Hayden Harriman, Richland, shows his Oxford to Res. Champion honors Ava Shroyer with her Oxford Eilee Mumaw, 10, shows her Oxford Grant Johnson of Wayne County circles the ring in the champion Hampshire drive 2018 Champion DriveJudge Gene Winn, New Mexico sorted through more than 750 market lambs in nine breed classes and the grade crossbred lambs. Here are the results.Grand Champion Market Lamb: Grant Johnson, Wayne Co. (Champion Hampshire)Res. Grand Champion Market Lamb: Bailee Amstutz, Union Co. (Champion GradeThird Overall: Jada Shroyer, Logan Co. (Res. Champion Grade)Fourth Overall: Ian Johnson, Union Co. (Champion Natural Color)Fifth overall: Weston Stevens, Ross Co. (Res. Champion Hampshire)HampshireChamp: Grant Johnson, Wayne Co.Res. Champ: Weston Stevens, Ross Co. ShropshireChamp: Chase Eisenhauer, Huron Co.Res. Champ: Craig Schiff, Clinton Co. SouthdownsChampion: Elizabeth Shatto, Shelby Co.Res. Champion: Elizabeth Shatto, Shelby Co. SuffolkChampion: Jordan Collom, Clinton Co.Res. Champion: Carter Lampe, Wood Co. DorsetChampion: McKala Grauel, Hardin Co.Res. Champion: Alaine Brenke, Lorain Co. OxfordChampion: Elizabeth Shatto, Shelby Co.Res. Champion: Hayden Harriman, Richland Co. AOBChampion: Jacob Roeth, Miami Co.Res. Champion: Linsey Eddy, Union Co. Brockle-faceChampion: Jada Shroyer, Logan Co.Res. Champion: London Reichert, Darke Co. Natural ColoredChampion: Ian Johnson, Union Co.Res. Champion: Caleb Stone, Miami Co. GradeChamp: Bailee Amstutz, Union Co.Res. Champ: Jada Shroyer, Logan Co.last_img read more

Digg’s Rose, Adelson Back Crowdsourcing Startup 3Crowd

first_imgDigg and Revision3 co-founders Kevin Rose and Jay Adelson have provided crowdsourcing startup 3Crowd Technologies and its founder Barrett Lyon with an early Christmas present of funding.Lyon says the angel investors join Storm Ventures and Greenwich Technology Associates to “give 3Crowd the shot in the arm it needs to take off,” likely sometime early next year.This marks the second time Rose and Adelson have crossed paths with Lyon, who co-founded BitGravity, the streaming video service that Internet television studio Revision3 utilizes. San Mateo, California-based 3Crowd has yet to reveal how they plan to transform crowdsourcing (or how much funding they have secured), but Lyon’s history and apparent entrepreneurial fervor to change the web has clearly excited 3Crowd’s investors.“This concept is yet another disrupting, dis-intermediating idea from Barrett. These are the technologies that change the game,” Adelson says. Lyon, who is also the subject of the forthcoming book Fatal System Error by Joseph Menn, says that while the Internet has provided the platform for much success, it is still imperfect and needs to change. “At this point, my goal is to make change – to take the Internet in its current form (resembling digital duct tape) and transform it into something stronger and more scalable,” Lyon says.Before co-founding BitGravity, Lyon created the Opte Project: “software that traced all the routes of the Internet,” he says. Images from Opte Project have been used in movies, books and are permanently on display in museums of art and science in both New York and Boston. Related Posts Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai…center_img chris cameron Tags:#start#startups 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

The Energy-Efficiency Pyramid

first_img This article is only available to GBA Prime Members Sign up for a free trial and get instant access to this article as well as GBA’s complete library of premium articles and construction details. UPDATED on September 24, 2013We’re all familiar with the food pyramid — the triangle with grains and cereals at the bottom and fats and sugars at the top. Inspired by the food pyramid, a Midwestern electric utility, Minnesota Power, has created a useful graphic called the energy conservation pyramid. (According to a Minnesota Power spokesperson, the originator of the conservation pyramid was Bob McLean, the chief operating officer at Hunt Utilities Group.)The energy conservation pyramid includes ten levels. Like the food pyramid, it’s read from the bottom up. Homeowners who are uncertain of the best way to lower their energy bills should start at the lowest level of the pyramid and work their way up. In general, one shouldn’t proceed to a higher level until the actions below that level have been completed.Actions near the bottom of the pyramid are much more cost-effective than actions near the top of the pyramid. At current energy prices, in fact, the actions listed on the top two layers are never cost-effective.The rules displayed in the energy conservation pyramid are not set in stone; every house is different, and different climates dictate different strategies. But it’s hard to quibble with the pyramid’s basic hierarchy.From the bottom up, here are the pyramid’s ten steps.1. Home energy auditBefore beginning any energy retrofit work, a homeowner needs information — information best obtained through a home energy audit.A good home energy audit always includes a blower-door test; most audits also include a thermographic inspection. To be sure your auditor is well trained, choose one certified by RESNET, BPI, or CBPCA.A home energy audit can cost as much as $600. Thanks to subsidies from utilities and local governments, however, the cost of a home energy audit is often much… center_img Start Free Trial Already a member? Log inlast_img read more

Equine Therapy to Combat PTSD

first_imgEmail Address First Name Last Name Equine therapy has become a unique practice in helping service member and veterans who may be experiencing posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In addition, research has shown improvements within the family structure through this therapeutic approach to combating PTSD.Horses are prey animals responding to new and potentially dangerous situations with a flight or fight response, most often flight. Due to their natural instincts and intuitiveness, horses can sense the anxiety, frustration, and stress of someone approaching them. They are considered mirrors to your current emotional state, meaning approaching a horse in a calm and relaxed manner; the horse will remain calm and relaxed. However, if a horse is approached by someone that is tense and unsure the horse becomes tense and unsure, then responds by their natural instinct of either flight or fight.Horses pay attention to our body language, and react accordingly. One of the strategies for helping service members with PTSD through the use of horses is to help them understand the way they are approaching others and relate their experience back to themselves. Another method is for individuals to learn through the use of therapy horses how to recognize their current emotions and change them. In order to approach the horse, the person has to calm themselves and relax so that the horse will follow suit. Although in the exercise the service member’s goal is to approach, ride, or take care of the horse. They can then apply these goals from the exercises in other areas of their life.Watch and listen as veterans provide testimonials on the use of equine therapy to heal their invisible wounds at the Boulder Crest Retreat in Bluemont, VA. Subscribe to our mailing list for monthly eNewsletterscenter_img This MFLN-Military Caregiving concentration blog post was published March 18, 2016.last_img read more

Vanessa Hudgens sports mehendi at New York Fashion Week

first_imgThe good old ‘mehendi’ (henna tattoo) had become all the rage in the West when ‘Queen of Pop’ Madonna became a fan of the traditional art and now High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens is sporting it.The former Disney star wore intricate henna patterns on her hands as she sat front row during the ongoing New York Fashion Week.Hudgens became a household name playing angel-faced good girl Gabriella in the ‘High School Musical’ films.Besides the ‘mehendi’, the 22-year-old has also got her first tattoo, a butterfly on the nape of her neck, reported New York Post.Other international celebs who are fans of the Indian body art are Sting’s wife Trudie Styler, pop star Prince and rocker Gwen Stefani.last_img read more