Orchard trying to forest chicken breeding success to win wealth

now, scientific breeding in order to maximize the harvest of wealth, to win a bright tomorrow. Recently, business consultancy found that seen in the industrial district of Jiading Li Jiang orchard, a plump chicken walk leisurely pecking worms in the fruit below, chicken occasionally cooed, a pleasant pastoral scenery.  

2006, listed 150 tons, 190 tons of peach pear, the annual output value of 2 million 40 thousand yuan; 80 thousand chicken feather, pigeon feather 50 thousand, grass egg 40 thousand kilograms, the annual output value of 3 million 240 thousand yuan. In this way, the orchard area of 255 acres of orchard Lek River 2006 total output value of up to $5 million 280 thousand, the average output value of $20700 acres. At the same time, the economic benefit is good, and the orchard has got good ecological benefit. Some insects, fruit and leaf and fruit

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Hinder the four major obstacles to migrant workers

a lot of migrant workers tired of wandering life, want to return to their hometown, start to get rich, but we can learn from the objective analysis, migrant workers want to return home to start a certain obstacle.

A is the government paid insufficient attention, lack of entrepreneurship policy support. In the middle part of the mountainous area, it is very important to introduce foreign investment and give policy support. But for returning entrepreneurs, the policy is still not perfect, and even some places have not encouraged migrant workers to return home to start the preferential policies, enjoy the same treatment with the introduction of foreign capital. Even if some places have introduced preferential policies, but many policies are not specific, practical and effective, the lack of policy attractiveness. read more

The retail business households note what

every year are shop sales soared in time, however, it is also rampant criminals of the time, therefore, as the owner, natural and more attention need to put more attention. Nearly a year, our retail business households is in a busy state, while ignoring many of its prevention. In order to prevent emergency situations such as emergencies, we should do a good job in advance to deal with the potential crisis. There are problems we should pay attention to our retail households, the following to see how these retail households, they are how to do a good job of security precautions. read more

Scooby brand security wealth

Scooby children’s wear brand chain has been gradually falling in the national market, to provide quality services for consumers, if you want to do a security investment business, the selection of children’s clothing items to be sure. Join headquarters to provide support policies in place, I hope to help you.

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Want to know the reason for your failure

a lot of people want to start a business, many people have embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, there are a lot of people are suffering from the results of entrepreneurial failure. Business for many years, has done several different projects, but are not really successful, often reflect on their own, why so hard, also have some success, why is not successful? A profound summary down, there is no successful factors of nothing more than that:

1) there is no clear goals.

2) no extraordinary ambition. read more

n Hefei to open a hot shop to pay attention to three points

As a veteran

Malatang catering project in the catering market has been occupying an important proportion, now for investors Malatang catering to join the project in the industry which is a very good investment, now, more and more friends of entrepreneurship, chose to open a mala shop is good? In the operation of the time should pay attention to what? Next, please follow the small series together to look at the following business notes!

1, have a good recipe for

2, can endure hardship.

3, to be careful.

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How to promote the sale of smoke Hotel will increase sales

although the shop will be taken to promote such a way, however, the promotion of the use of different methods, the effect will naturally be different. Not regularly through a reasonable marketing plan to promote the smoke hotel can stabilize popularity, to bring a steady stream of smoke Hotel business. Today Xiaobian will bring a few smoke Hotel promotional programs, to help raise the hotel sales of friends who want to improve the sales bottleneck.

bring their own drinks, the main point of purchase, consumer groups are more concentrated around the store, the group is an important channel to take goods and other features, so that the characteristics of the sale of smoke Hotel is different from the traditional channels. So, the traditional marketing way completely to the hotel name cigarettes were the body is not applicable. So, in the activities of cigarette and liquor vendor’s promotion, according to the cigarette and liquor vendor’s own characteristics, to develop more suitable for cigarette and liquor vendor marketing strategy, how to use the powerful promotion way of making cigarette and liquor vendor sales showing a "hot" momentum? read more

To ensure food safety Tianchang of pesticide residues in vegetables on the tongue full coverage

although the economy has improved in our lives, the number of people eating out is also increasing, but serious food safety concerns. San San – December 7th news, first said 1 grams of vegetable samples in the vessel, and then add a special extract of 5 ml of liquid in the vessel, gently shaking after standing for 15-20 minutes, so that the pesticide in the extract fully dissolved." The morning of December 7th, in Anhui Province, Tianchang pesticide residues in vegetables and Chajian town food inspection room inspection point, while the staff do pesticide testing to reporters while commentary. It is understood that at present, Tianchang has achieved full coverage of the detection of pesticide residues in vegetables. read more

Hot pot franchise stores to attract customers is very important

now during the winter is a good season to eat Hot pot, this time at the same time of year, there will be many who choose to Hot pot chowhound restaurant, there are a lot of entrepreneurs want to open Hot pot shop, when you choose to open self-service stores in the project Hot pot shop before, how to do a good job shop shop to need to want? Self Hot pot stores customers coming and going to the shop or the main decoration, decoration and novel to attract talent is the key to profitability.

self-service stores – plenty of room decoration Hot pot read more

Starbucks CEO will bring what kind of change

has such a news, as the food and beverage sector for surely you will be interested in, according to the latest news released by Starbucks, said CEO Howard · Schultz will retire in April 3rd next year, his successor as president and chief operating officer Kevin · Johnson.

Starbucks said Howard · Schultz will continue to serve as chairman of the board, and served as CEO of Howard ·, the future design and development; innovation, Schultz will focus to select Starbucks coffee roasting workshop project, promote the expansion of social influence model and the company’s retail activities. Although Howard · Schultz did not completely leave Starbucks, but after the release of the news, Starbucks shares after the decline was as high as 11%. read more

Beauty salon franchise need to pay attention to what the whole

beauty salon is the direction of many entrepreneurs, they want to open their own beauty salon. Investors want to seek better development in the beauty salon market, we should carey investigate the prospects for the development of the brand, so as to better revenue. So, beauty salons need to pay attention to what? Xiao Bian made a detailed introduction.

many investors are easily attracted by the attractive conditions of advertising, the project did not investigate on the investment, beauty salons to join in to pay attention to what? This must be a great risk. Fancy a beauty salon to join the project or an investment direction, collect first-hand information on the scene, and the person in charge of the brand is very necessary. Regular brands will be required to join a certain financial strength, and after a rigorous investigation in order to be able to join the project. read more

Cangzhou trustworthy entrepreneurs two loans can enjoy full discount

venture can enjoy the loan, which is a very normal thing, however, the general said that the loan is a loan, even if the loan can be two times, you can enjoy preferential policies very little. However, the current Cangzhou has developed such a favorable policy, entrepreneurs will be able to enjoy the full credit two loan discount.

days ago, Cangzhou city to boost the public venture, the highly innovative new policy: through small loans to support the implementation of a successful business, and information recording, good loan repay, the benefits of using loans, further expand the scale of the project, and promote the development of more than 3 jobs of a body to operate the project, can give two times the amount of discount loans to support entrepreneurs "go further". read more

And rice hall Octopus make money the whole to join

2017, what kind of good projects should be selected? And how about the octopus? Quality projects, it is worth joining. Join and rice hall Octopus burning project, open a home and their own church Octopus octopus shop. Easy money, easy to earn!

open a restaurant to make money? And rice hall Octopus burning advantage:

simple operation easy profit

and rice hall Octopus burning shop is very simple, short investment cycle, a few months will be able to see the effectiveness of investment. And rice hall Octopus burning, just 20 thousand yuan starting, a small shop of 5 square meters, simple operation, fast food. Diversified business, not only has 5 major themes of the series, at the same time, there are 5 complementary series, a total of more than 50 kinds of single product, with the operation, more profitable, open a shop equal to several stores, making money is easy. read more

Expert interpretation the three phase of female workers can lift labor relations

      social insurance law "on July 1, 2011 formally implemented, the law for the first time in the form of law to confirm the national co ordinating pension, the insured (pension insurance payment is less than fifteen years) can remote settlement of medical expenses, reimbursement of expenses, injury to expand the scope of the social insurance fund management more transparent. Although many of the supporting details of the new law is still not perfect, but its policy orientation has been very clear, that is to protect the legitimate interests of workers and enterprises, increase the cost of illegal labor. This 800hr.com’s network of excellence in July 13th hosted entitled "social insurance law" interpretation and its influence on enterprises "theme salon, invited the Shanghai River Delta Law Firm lawyer Yan Fuke to solve some common problems encountered in the actual operation process of HR. read more

Dandong introduced a number of policies to help innovation and Entrepreneurship

China belongs to the northeast old industrial base area, in order to be in the new era of entrepreneurship and innovation to seize the opportunities for development, Dandong city began to "the majority of people interested in participating in the entrepreneurial stage, 000 bridging" help entrepreneurs realize their dreams.

1 15, located in the Yalu River in Dandong, Liaoning Shengjielu Automotive Services Limited business. A few months ago, Qin Yu and his buddies with "Internet plus" upgrade the automotive service industry project award for excellence in Dandong youth entrepreneurship competition, they will dream into reality. From the Dandong Municipal Employment Bureau, since 2012, has more than 10000 Dan: to start a new life of their business. read more