SM Lines 1st Service to Include 5 Hanjin Boxships

first_imgFive vessels previously owned by South Korea’s bankrupt carrier Hanjin Shipping are to be deployed in the first service of SM Line, a new shipping firm formed by Samra Midas (SM) Group.On February 14, SM Line acquired the five 6,655 TEU boxships for USD 60 million, VesselsValue’s data shows.The ships in question are Hanjin Bremerhaven, Hanjin Budapest, Hanjin Port Kelang, Hanjin Tianjin and Hanjin Xiamen and all of them were built by South Korea’s shipbuilder Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) between 2006 and 2007.The recent purchase is in line with SM Line’s plan to enlarge its fleet. By 2018, the company intends to have a fleet of 21 vessels with a capacity of 110,000 TEU.After SM Group took over Hanjin’s Asia-US route, its newly established unit plans to start its first service on March 8 along the East and the South China Sea.The service will depart Busan in South Korea and stop in China, Thailand and Vietnam. Additionally, the firm’s first full service on its Asia-North America route is scheduled for April 21.What is more, SM Group reportedly plans to acquire stakes in Hanjin’s terminals in South Korea. The firm recently agreed with the Seoul bankruptcy court to buy a 100% stake in Gwangyang terminal and an 85.45% stake in Gyeongin terminal. In addition, it is likely that the company will buy the third Hanjin terminal located in Busan.World Maritime News Stafflast_img read more

MPC Container Ships Buys SubPanamax Vessel

first_imgzoomImage Courtesy: MPC Container Ships Norwegian shipowner MPC Container Ships is continuing its fleet expansion with the purchase of one more secondhand boxship.The company has inked an agreement to acquire SITC Makassar, a 2,496 TEU vessel built in Germany in 2006.As informed, the ship will be acquired for USD 9.9 million, including initial working capital.The vessel, to be named AS Patricia, will be taken over by MPC Container Ships’ 50/50 joint venture in the course of April 2018.SITC Makassar is currently owned by China’s SITC which bought the Sub-Panamax containership from Germany’s Projex Schiff in 2017, VesselsValue’s data shows.last_img read more

NSW Ports to Offer Environmental Incentive for Ships

first_imgzoomImage Courtesy: NSW Ports Australia’s NSW Ports plans to introduce an environmental incentive to apply to vessel related charges levied at Port Botany and Port Kembla.NSW Ports, which is the first Australian port organisation to introduce such an incentive, is implementing this initiative to reward higher standards of environmental performance in ports.The organization plans to develop the details of this program in consultation with relevant shipping lines, and is targeting a January 1, 2019 implementation.Similar incentives exist at 53 ports globally, including the Port of Rotterdam, Netherlands; the Port of Los Angeles, USA; and the Port of New York and New Jersey, USA.“NSW Ports has introduced the incentive to reward companies that use vessels with better air emissions performance,” Marika Calfas, NSW Ports CEO, said.“The environmental incentive will be applied to vessels that perform better in reducing their emissions than the levels required by current emission standards of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO),” Calfas added.The incentive would take the form of a discount on vessel related charges levied by NSW Ports on vessels that call at the ports of Port Botany and Port Kembla.The incentives apply to vessels registered with the Environmental Ship Index (ESI).The ESI is a scoring system that gives a numerical representation of the environmental performance of seagoing ships regarding air pollutants. It only includes ships that perform over and above current IMO international legislation on emission standards.The ESI is a project within the World Ports Sustainability Program. ESI evaluates the amount of nitrogen oxide and sulphur oxide that is emitted by a ship and includes a reporting scheme on the greenhouse gas emissions of the ship.last_img read more

BW LPG Calls Dorian LPG to the Negotiating Table

first_imgzoomImage Courtesy: BW LPG Owner and operator of gas carriers BW LPG has called Dorian LPG to return to the negotiating table, only weeks after its takeover proposal got rejected.BW LPG sent an open letter to Dorian LPG regarding its combination proposal, under which Dorian shareholders would receive 2.05 BW LPG shares for each Dorian share.Based on BW LPG’s current price of NOK 33.80 (USD 4.17) as of June 25, 2018, BW LPG’s proposal to combine with Dorian represents a value of USD 8.55, a 22.9% premium to Dorian’s unaffected share price of USD 6.96 as of May 25, 2018. On a pro forma basis for the year ended December 31, 2017, Dorian would have contributed 33% of revenue, 38% of EBITDA and 40% of free cash flow while its shareholders would receive a 45% stake in the combined entity.BW LPG informed that the overall market response has been positive and reflective of the significant benefits of the proposed combination, including the creation of a leading VLGC player, significant synergies, increased market capitalization, cash flow accretion, liquidity for Dorian shareholders, and a stronger credit profile.“We urge Dorian’s Board of Directors to respond to its shareholders and engage with us. Since announcing the proposal, we have spoken with many BW LPG and Dorian shareholders and are pleased with the positive feedback we have received,” Martin Ackermann, BW LPG Chief Executive Officer, said.“We were surprised that Dorian’s Board of Directors rejected our proposal without giving us the opportunity to engage in a discussion, and believe a number of the points Dorian’s Board of Directors highlighted suggest a misunderstanding of our business and the proposed combination. We believe that a discussion between Dorian and BW LPG would be appropriate to address any questions Dorian may have about our proposal and we are ready to meet with them,” Ackermann concluded.last_img read more

Finlands AHS Changing Ownership by End of May

first_imgzoomImage Courtesy: Arctech Helsinki Shipyard The acquisition of Finland’s Arctech Helsinki Shipyard will be finalized by the end of the month after the terms of the transaction were agreed on May 9.Arctech Helsinki Shipyard Oy (AHS) will transfer its assets and operations to Helsinki Shipyard Oy, a new company it has established ahead of the transaction.The agreement will further see AHS sell 100 percent of Helsinki Shipyard Oy’s shares to Algador Holdings Ltd.Following the transaction, AHS will continue its shipbuilding operations as part of Nevsky Shipyard LLC. The last vessel that will be delivered from the Helsinki shipyard under AHS’ ownership is tanker NB515, which completed sea trials on May 12.“The transaction will not have any effect on subcontracts. AHS’ personnel will be transferred to Helsinki Shipyard Oy without changes to their contracts. Under the new owners Helsinki shipyard can concentrate on its core expertise, which are strong ice-class vessels and cruise ships,” said Victor Olerskiy, the incoming Chairman of the Board of the Helsinki Shipyard Oy.Algador Holdings is owned by Rishat Bagautdinov and Vladimir Kasyanenko, whose companies operate international shipping and shipbuilding businesses including Russia’s largest river cruise ship operator Vodohod LLC.AHS’ tender backlog currently stands at EUR 1.5 billion (USD 1.7 billion) and consists of several cruise ships, icebreakers and LNG tankers. Letters of intent for some of the tenders have already been signed.last_img read more

One Dead in LPG Tanker Explosion in Turkey

first_imgOne crew member was reported deceased while fifteen more were injured in an LNG tanker explosion at the port of Aliaga, Turkey.At the time of the incident, the Italy-flagged tanker Syn Zania was anchored at the Petkim petrochemical plant operated by the Azerbaijani state oil company SOCAR, media outlets cited Aliaga province’s sub-Governor Erhan Gunay as saying.He added that a Petkim worker was also hospitalized due to injuries sustained following the explosion, that occurred in the evening hours of June 1 at Petkim Pier 5.In a statement on the matter, Petkim said that a fire “broke out due to an unspecified reason during the connection to the Italian flagged Syn Zania for the filling of liquid hydrocarbons.”The fire was soon extinguished and teams at the site continued cooling works.Relevant authorities launched an investigation into the incident, while SOCAR informed that the operations at the petrochemical plant in Turkey’s western Izmir province continued.World Maritime News Stafflast_img read more

EMO Issues Precautions for Impending Storm

first_imgEMERGENCY MEASURES ORGANIZATION–EMO Issues Precautions forImpending Storm A heavy snowfall and blizzard warning has been issued for NovaScotia, today, Feb. 18. The provincial Emergency MeasuresOrganization (EMO) advises the public to take precautions. “Even though severe winter storms are common in Nova Scotia, theyare not to be taken lightly,” said Ernest Fage, Ministerresponsible for the Emergency Measures Organization. “NovaScotians should exercise care and caution.” One of the most important things individuals can do is listen forupdated weather information or public safety bulletins and actaccordingly. A battery-powered radio and spare batteries will bevital in getting up-to date information, especially during powerfailures. In addition, everyone should have an emergency kit ready at alltimes. In addition to a radio, this kit should include: food, asupply of water, clothing, blankets, medication, flashlight,extra batteries and a first aid kit. “I think the public is very aware of the effects severe weathercan have on our daily lives, especially in the wake of HurricaneJuan. The key to limiting the impact is to take precautions priorto the impending storm,” said Mr. Fage. Individuals are also encouraged to contact seniors or others wholive alone and may be more vulnerable during storms to ensurethey have an emergency plan in place. Nova Scotians can also visit the EMO website at obtain more information on emergency preparedness. -30-last_img read more

Making A Difference In Southwestern Nova Scotia

first_img “The Nova Scotia government is ready and able to work with thisregion to realize new growth, new opportunities and new jobs,”added the premier. Premier Hamm and Mr. Hurlburt will meet with Yarmouth waterfrontofficials and employees later this afternoon. Tonight, they are scheduled to meet with local municipal leadersfrom the Town of Yarmouth, Municipality of Yarmouth County andMunicipality of Argyle. The premier and cabinet will hold their weekly meeting Wednesdayafternoon, June 9, in West Pubnico at the Village historiqueacadien de la Nouvelle-Écosse on Old Church Road. Premier John Hamm is pleased with the economic progress made insouthwestern Nova Scotia over the last five years. “There is a new sense of optimism in this region that I didn’tsee when I first started making regular visits to the community,”Premier Hamm said today, June 8, at a breakfast meeting withNatural Resources Minister Richard Hurlburt, Agriculture andFisheries Minister Chris d’Entremont, MLA Cecil O’Donnell and theYarmouth Chamber of Commerce. The premier reviewed a number of significant provincialinvestments in southwest Nova Scotia in recent years, including: a payroll rebate through Nova Scotia Business Inc. to attract to Yarmouth. now has more than 200 employees; the new Southwest Nova Correctional Facility, which has injected two million dollars into the local economy; a $705,000 expansion of the Burridge Campus of the Nova Scotia Community College, which will provide new training opportunities to more than 80 local residents; major repaving projects this year on rural roads in areas like Brazil Lake/Pleasant Valley, as well as Hardscratch and Greenville roads; millions of dollars this year towards the completion of the Highway 103 Barrington Bypass and Highway 101 interchanges; multi-million dollar renovations of the Port Maitland Consolidated School and Yarmouth Consolidated High School; a contribution of $100,000 to the Tri-County Women’s Centre, offsetting a withdrawal of federal funding; investments in such local cultural organizations as the Yarmouth Regional Arts Centre and th’Yarc.last_img read more

Pausing on the Journey to Economic Equality

first_imgThe achievement of economic equality remains a prime concern fortoday’s women, with good reason. In Nova Scotia, women who work full time earn just 72 cents forevery dollar earned by men. About 60 per cent of women work in the retail and service sector.This often entails precarious employment with few or no benefits.Occupations in science, trade and technology offer higher wages,greater security and better benefits. Getting more women intothose occupations is a key to improving their economic security. “Women are starting to look at these fields and employers arestarting to recognize women’s abilities and contributions,” saidCarolyn Bolivar-Getson, Minister responsible for the Nova ScotiaAdvisory Council on the Status of Women. “It’s still fairly newand we have to keep working at bringing the two together. As wehead toward International Women’s Day (March 8), it’s a good timeto reflect on the work we’re already doing and recognize there isstill work to be done.” Encouraging girls and women to enter well-paying occupations iscritical. Only five per cent of apprentices in Nova Scotia arewomen, with most of those apprenticing in cooking. Employers inconstruction, trucking and the plastics and petroleum industriesare beginning to recognize that there is an untapped pool ofworkers: women. The advisory council intends to work with industry and business,with community organizations, with the education sector, withfederal and provincial governments to make sure that women findtheir way to well-paid work. One initiative is Techsploration, which exposes Grade 9 girls totrades and technology occupations through major support from theDepartment of Education and private sector sponsors across NovaScotia. The advisory council will also join with community andgovernment partners to lead women to apprenticeable trades andtechnological careers. “It’s also important that women and women’s organizations recoupsome of the losses endured in the 1990s,” said Doreen Paris,chair of the advisory council. “Women need once more to beconsidered a designated group for purposes of employment equity.Federal training initiatives must be available to more women thanjust those who are eligible for employment insurance. Finally, wealso need to make sure that paid maternity, parental andcompassionate care leaves are more widely available, for exampleto women entrepreneurs.” As International Women’s Day approaches, women are meeting aroundthe globe to mark accomplishments and to remind themselves ofprogress yet to be made. For example, in New York, the 49th session of the Commission onthe Status of Women is meeting to review progress made on women’sissues since the Beijing Declaration was signed 10 years ago. Thedeclaration is a plan for action on women’s equality. The Advisory Council on the Status of Women champions equality,fairness and dignity for all women, every day of the year.International Women’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate theachievements of women, to pause on the journey toward equality,to recommit to the next steps.last_img read more

New Bridge on Mt Whatley Road

first_imgThere will soon be a new bridge over the Missaguash River at the border of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. The Department of Transportation and Public Works will work with the New Brunswick Department of Transportation to replace an old wooden truss bridge on Mt. Whatley Rd. “A new bridge will mean better access to services and safer travel for residents of Cumberland County and their New Brunswick neighbours,” said Ernest Fage, Minister responsible for the Public Service Commission, on behalf of Angus MacIsaac, Minister of Transportation and Public Works. Mr. Fage announced the start of the project today, Sept. 7, on the Nova Scotia side of the border. The new panel bridge will be in place by Tuesday, Oct. 31.last_img read more

Volunteer Fire Service Recognition Day

first_imgNova Scotians can take the time to recognize the contributions of volunteer firefighters on Sunday, Oct. 15, Volunteer Fire Service Recognition Day. “The role of volunteer firefighters is forever expanding. As problems such as natural and man-made disasters become more frequent, volunteer firefighters are vital to the protection of all Nova Scotians,” said Mark Parent, Minister of Environment and Labour. In Nova Scotia, volunteer firefighters are not only first responders in emergency situations, they organize community events and functions, and teach citizens fire prevention techniques. “As Nova Scotia celebrates Volunteer Fire Service Recognition Day, I thank all the men and women who give of themselves for their community,” said Mr. Parent. “Your commitment and dedication go a long way in creating a safe and healthy Nova Scotia.” There are 314 fire departments across the province and 307 of them are volunteer-only departments. Currently, there are 8,000 Nova Scotians who volunteer in fire service.last_img read more

Positions for Adjudicative Agencies Boards and Commissions

first_imgThe government of Nova Scotia has launched its bi-annual campaign to attract qualified applicants for various adjudicative agencies, boards and commissions. Adjudicative boards are required to receive evidence, make findings of fact and law, or make decisions that can affect a person’s liberty, security, or legal rights. On Saturday, Oct. 21 and Saturday, Nov. 4, The Chronicle Herald and the Cape Breton Post will carry an advertisement listing the adjudicative agencies, boards and commissions that currently have vacancies or will have vacancies in the near future. The ad will run in upcoming editions of the Mi’kmaq Maliseet Nations News and le Courrier de la Nouvelle-Écosse. The call for applications will also be available for a limited time on the government website at . The province advertises opportunities to serve on its agencies, boards and commissions every spring and fall and makes appointments as vacancies arise. Positions are advertised to ensure fair notice is given to potential candidates. Departmental advisory committees screen potential members, according to a process introduced in 2003, to ensure that every member of each board is well qualified. Each committee provides a list of three to six qualified board applicants to the minister of the department concerned. The five-member committees are chaired by a human resources professional appointed by the Public Service Commission and include two other government employees and two members of the public, who are also selected in a competitive process. Descriptions have been prepared for all adjudicative board positions. These descriptions detail the qualifications needed, the selection criteria used and remuneration. All documents are available on the Executive Council website at . Information is also available by calling toll free, 1-866-206-6844 or 424-4877 in Halifax Regional Municipality.last_img read more

Le secteur privé soutient la NouvelleÉcosse

first_imgIl est désormais beaucoup plus facile de promouvoir la Nouvelle-Écosse comme étant la meilleure région pour investir, travailler, vivre, s’éduquer et visiter grâce au soutien de 25 entreprises de la province. Le premier ministre provincial Rodney MacDonald a accueilli aujourd’hui, 17 mai, plusieurs nouveaux membres au sein de l’équipe responsable de l’initiative Come to life. Ces membres, lesquels comprennent des entreprises, des associations, des institutions scolaires et la capitale de la province, se sont engagés à soutenir cette initiative, laquelle a été mise en place pour faire connaître la Nouvelle-Écosse et favoriser la croissance économique de cette province. « Ces organismes, institutions et entreprises font partie de nos meilleurs ambassadeurs. Ils ont choisi la Nouvelle-Écosse comme port d’attache et connaissent une vraie réussite. Ils se joignent aujourd’hui à l’équipe de la charte pour favoriser la prospérité, créer des emplois et multiplier les perspectives, » a déclaré le premier ministre. Les nouveaux membres ont signé la charte au cours d’une cérémonie organisée dans le World Trade and Convention Centre d’Halifax. Ces membres sont les suivants : Université Acadia, Antigonish Regional Development Authority, Chambre de commerce d’Antigonish, Black Business Initiative, Bluenose Coast, BioNova, Nova Scotia Community Business Development Corporations, Coastal Communities Network, Colchester Regional Development Agency, Université Dalhousie, Destination Halifax, Forest Products Association of Nova Scotia, Grand Pré Winery, Municipalité régionale d’Halifax, Marché des fermiers d’Halifax, The Hawk 101.5, HB Studios, Isle Madame Confections Inc., MedMira, Oak Island Resort, Strait Area Chamber of Commerce, Taste of Nova Scotia, WearWell Garments, ZedEvents, xwave. « Nous sommes très heureux de pouvoir nous joindre à cette initiative, » a déclaré Hermes Chan, président et PDG de MedMira, « notre technologie d’essai rapide est de plus en plus connue dans le monde entier. Les personnes avec qui nous traitons nous demandent souvent pourquoi nous avons choisi de nous installer en Nouvelle-Écosse. » « Pour MedMira, la réponse est simple : la communauté scientifique et universitaire est très importante, ainsi que les possibilités de collaboration avec celle-ci; l’expertise de la N.-É. et ses capacités dans le domaine de la santé sont parmi les meilleures au monde, et le gouvernement est très actif et soutient les industries de la province. » La réputation de la Nouvelle-Écosse en ce qui concerne l’éducation s’améliore de jour en jour. Grâce au soutien d’institutions comme les Universités Acadia, Dalhousie et Saint Mary’s ce message peut être communiqué au niveau national et international. « L’Université Acadia attire des étudiants de plus de 60 pays, » a déclaré Gail Dinter-Gottlieb, directrice de cette université. « La qualité de vie que l’on trouve en Nouvelle-Écosse, alliée aux perspectives économiques qui s’offrent aux jeunes, facilite le recrutement des meilleurs étudiants dans le monde entier. L’un des rôles les plus importants que l’Université Acadia peut jouer est d’offrir à la province des jeunes gens bien formés et ambitieux qui permettront de préserver la réputation de la N.-É. comme étant l’un des meilleurs endroits au monde pour vivre, travailler et se divertir. » « Ces institutions forment l’élite de demain. Nous devons donc veiller à ce que les Néo-Écossais et le monde entier soient informés sur la qualité de nos écoles, » a déclaré M. MacDonald, premier ministre provincial; « nous devons également nous assurer que nos étudiants soient informés sur les perspectives qui s’offrent à eux, ici, en N.-É., et qu’ils puissent faire profiter à la province de leurs connaissances et de leur savoir-faire. » Grâce à ces nouveaux membres, l’initiative Come to life comprend désormais 49 membres. La charte qui a été mis en place officialise l’engagement du public, et du secteur privé, pour promouvoir la Nouvelle-Écosse et sa richesse. En tant que membre de la charte, chaque organisme et entreprise consent à promouvoir et soutenir cette initiative. Les premiers membres de la charte sont les suivants : Brain Repair Centre, Credit Union Atlantic, Acadian Seaplants, Université Saint Mary’s, Eassons Transport Ltd., Michelin, Oxford Frozen Foods, Manufacturiers et Exportateurs du Canada – Division de la Nouvelle-Écosse, Glenora Inn and Distillery, Cape Breton Partnership, C-Vision, EastLink Television, Aéroport international d’Halifax, Greater Halifax Partnership, EduNova, International Language Institute, High Liner Foods Incorporated, Scotia Slate, Nova Scotia Fruit Growers Association, Credit Union Central, Atlantic Superstore, Heritage Gas, Alexander Keith’s, et RCR Hospitality Group. Pour en savoir plus, veuillez visiter le site suivant : .last_img read more

Weekly Traffic Advisories

first_img Local Area Office: 902-742-2415 Fax: 902-742-0649 Local Area Office: 902-670-1727 Fax: 902-538-8288 Local Area Office: 902-667-0366 Fax: 902-667-3424 Local Area Office: 902-863-0364 Fax: 902-863-7482 Local Area Office: 902-625-4200 Fax: 902-625-1946 ANTIGONISH COUNTY: Cribbons Point Road Cribbons Point Road, at the intersection of Route 337, east for about 1.7 kilometres, will have one-lane closures for repaving until Tuesday, July 31. Traffic control people will be on site. Work takes place from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. LUNENBURG COUNTY: Paving Projects Paving has started on three sections of road in Lunenburg. Sections being paved are: Local Area Office: 902-563-2518 Fax: 902-563-2517 Local Area Office: 902-755-7146 Fax: 902-755-7049 Terence Bay Road, 7.7 kilometres Lower Prospect Road, 2.3 kilometres Lower Prospect Branch, 0.30 kilometres Local Area Office: 902-863-0364 Fax: 902-863-7482 Local Area Office: 902-527-5448 Fax: 902-527-5371 ANTIGONISH COUNTY: West Side South River Road West Side South River Road, from the intersection of Highway 104 for five kilometres to the south, will be reduced to one lane for road construction until Friday, Aug. 31. Traffic will be controlled by signs and traffic control people. Motorists are advised to use extra caution when travelling through the construction zone. Work takes place from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Local Area Office: 902-563-2518 Fax: 902-563-2517 ANTIGONISH COUNTY: Trunk 7 Trunk 7, about 2.6 kilometres north of the Antigonish-Guysborough County line for about 8.3 kilometres, will have one-lane closures for repaving until Tuesday, July 31. Traffic control people will be on site. Work takes place from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. HALIFAX REGIONAL MUNICIPALITY: Sackville River Overpass The Sackville River Overpass on Highway 102 southbound, south of Exit 4A, will have a left lane closure for bridge repairs until Saturday, July 21. Traffic control consists of a jersey barrier and speed reduction to 80 km/h. Work takes place from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. HANTS COUNTY: Route 215 Route 215 from Kempt Shore easterly to Sherman Lake Road will have one-lane closures for repaving until Sunday, Sept. 30. Work takes place from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. HALIFAX REGIONAL MUNICIPALITY: Ogilvie Bridge Ogilvie Bridge on Route 357 in Meagher Grant will be closed for repairs until Wednesday, Aug 1. A detour is available on Cole Road and Wyse Road. Signs will be in place. CUMBERLAND COUNTY: Route 302 Route 302 at the intersection of Trunk 2 running westerly to Trider Road will have one-lane closures for road work until Tuesday, July 31. Traffic control people are on site. Work takes place from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. PICTOU COUNTY: Trans-Canada 104 Trans-Canada 104, from Broadway Overpass easterly to Exit 29 at Barney’s River Station for about 8.10 kilometres will be reduced to one lane until Tuesday, July 31, for repaving. Motorists will follow a pilot vehicle through a two-kilometre work zone. Wide load detour signs to be posted. Motorists are advised to use extreme caution when travelling through construction zone. Traffic control people will be on site. HALIFAX REGIONAL MUNICIPALITY: Kearney Lake Road Kearney Lake Road and the Highway 102 northbound exit will have one-lane closures for intersection improvements, signal installation and widening until Wednesday, Oct. 31. Work takes place from sunrise to sunset. Local Area Office: 902-667-0366 Fax: 902-667-3424 CUMBERLAND COUNTY: Highway 104 Highway 104 from the Nova Scotia-New Brunswick border, easterly to the CNR overpass, will have a one-lane closure for paving from Thursday, July 5, to Tuesday, July 31. Work takes place from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. HANTS COUNTY: Route 214 Route 214 from Park Road, to Trunk 14, will be reduced to one lane for repaving until Tuesday, July 31. Work takes place from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. KINGS COUNTY: Old Baxters Mill Bridge The Old Baxters Mill Bridge near Baxters Harbour will be closed to replace the bridge until Thursday, Aug. 23. Detour route at Long Beach Road and Baxters Harbour Road. Local Area Office: 902-533-2771 Fax: 902-533-4352 Local Area Office: 902-860-5614 Fax: 902-860-5616 COLCHESTER COUNTY: Highway 102 Highway 102 south and northbound lanes will have intermittent one-lane closures between Exit 11 (Stewiacke) and Exit 13A (Power Centre) for repaving until Tuesday, July 31. Work takes place from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Local Area Office: 902-893-5784 Fax: 902-896-2259 Local Area Office: 902-563-2518 Fax: 902-563-2517 Local Area Office: 902-863-0364 Fax: 902-863-7482 Local Area Office: 902-563-2518 Fax: 902-563-2517 CONTINUING WORK ANNAPOLIS COUNTY: Brickton Bridge The Brickton Bridge on Mount Hanley Road will be closed to traffic from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. for repairs and painting until Friday, Aug. 17. Detour route at Trunk 1 to Lawrencetown Lane to Middle Road. Local Area Office: 902-756-2697 Fax: 902-756-3458 COLCHESTER COUNTY: Intersection of Salmon River, Brookside and Pictou Roads. Motorists are advised that a one-lane closure will take place at the intersection of Salmon River, Brookside and Pictou Roads for upgrades to the intersection until Wednesday, Oct 31. Traffic control people will be on site. The public is advised to use an alternate route if possible. Work takes place from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. GUYSBOROUGH COUNTY: Route 344 Route 344 from the intersection at Trunk 16 easterly to MacPherson Lake Road will have intermittent one-lane closures for patching and repaving from Monday, July 23, until Wednesday, Oct. 31. Work takes place from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Friday with occasional Saturdays. Local Area Office: 902-533-2771 Fax” 902-533-4352 Local Area Office: 902-893-5784 Fax: 902-896-2259 CAPE BRETON REGIONAL MUNICIPALITY: Groves Point Road Groves Point Road, from Highway 105 to Groves Point Beach Park, will be reduced to one lane for repaving until Sunday, Sept. 30. The detour is St. James Road. Traffic control people will be on site. Work takes place from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Local Area Office: 902-638-3150 Fax: 902-638-3356 KINGS COUNTY: Glebe Bridge Glebe Bridge on Route 201 will have a 2.7 metre height restriction and 15 tonne weight restriction until further notice. Local Area Office: 902-424-6144 Fax: 902-424-7116 Work is expected to continue until Sunday, Sept. 30. Motorists are advised there will be lane closures and to expect delays. Work takes place from sunrise to sunset. Local Area Office: 902-835-2702 Fax: 902-835-1860 HALIFAX REGIONAL MUNICIPALITY: Lawrencetown River Bridge Lawrencetown River Bridge on Highway 207 near Lawrencetown Beach will be closed until Tuesday, July 31. Traffic will be directed through the site on a temporary bridge regulated by traffic lights until the replacement is completed. CAPE BRETON REGIONAL MUNICIPALITY: Highway 125 Highway 125 in Cape Breton Regional Municipality from Exit 2 to Exit 4 will be reduced to one lane until Sunday, Sept. 30. The detour is Keltic Drive. Work takes place from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. ANTIGONISH COUNTY: Trunk 4 Trunk 4, from west of Addington Forks, west for 6.5 kilometers, will be reduced to one lane for road construction until Tuesday, July 31. Traffic will be controlled by signs and traffic control people. Motorists are advised to use extra caution when travelling through the construction zone. Work takes place from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.center_img Local Area Office: 902-563-2518 Fax: 902-563-2517 GUYSBOROUGH COUNTY: Trunk 16 Trunk 16 from the intersection at Larry’s River Road northerly to Church Street will have intermittent one-lane closures for patching and repaving from Monday, July 23, until Wednesday, Oct. 31. Work takes place from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Friday with occasional Saturdays. Local Area Office: 902-424-6144 Fax: 902-424-7116 RICHMOND COUNTY: Route 320 Traffic on Route 320 will be reduced to one lane from north of the intersection of Route 206 near Arichat north for 4.5 kilometres toward D’Escousse to allow for repaving. Work will take place between 6 a.m. and 9 p.m. and traffic will be controlled by traffic control people. The project is scheduled to be completed by Tuesday, July 31. HALIFAX REGIONAL MUNICIPALITY: Route 306 Route 306 from Acres Road southeasterly to the intersection of Route 349 and Route 306 in Sambro, 4.5 kilometres will be reduced to one lane at various locations until Sunday, Sept. 30. Traffic control consists of cones, barrels, pilot vehicle and traffic control people. Motorists are advised to be caution while travelling through marked work site. Work takes place from sunrise to sunset. CAPE BRETON REGIONAL MUNICIPALITY: Route 327 Traffic on Route 327 (Marion Bridge Highway) is reduced to one lane for repaving from the intersection of Caribou Marsh Road south for six kilometres, until Tuesday, July 31. Traffic will be controlled by traffic control people. Work takes place from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Local Area Office: 902-794-5120 Fax” 902-794-5141 Local Area Office: 902-827-5388 Fax: 902-827-5190 HALIFAX REGIONAL MUNICIPALITY: Three Sections Paving has started on three sections of road in Halifax Regional Municipality. Sections being paved are: NEW WORK PICTOU COUNTY: West River East Side Road The West River East Side Road near Salt Springs is reduced to one lane for repairs until further notice. Traffic control consists of signals. A wide-load detour route is marked. Local Area Office: 902-742-0587 Fax: 902-742-6000 INVERNESS COUNTY: Highway 105 Highway 105 from Victoria/Inverness county line westerly about 3.5 kilometres will be reduced to one lane for clearing and repaving until to Friday, Aug. 31. Pilot vehicle will be on site. Work takes place from sunrise to sunset. Local Area Office: 902-883-9789 Fax: 902-883-3732 Local Area Office: 902-424-6144 Fax: 902-424-1776 CAPE BRETON REGIONAL MUNICIPALITY: Highway 105 There will be one-lane closures on Highway 105 from one kilometre east of the Highway 125 interchange, (before Ed’s Playland), easterly to the bridge near the Marine Atlantic Terminal, for ditching, pipe work, and repaving. The work is scheduled to be completed Sunday, Sept. 30. A detour is available on Gannon Road. Traffic control people will be on site. Work takes place from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Local Area Office: 902-543-4671 Fax: 902-543-5596 CAPE BRETON REGIONAL MUNICIPALITY: Highway 125 Highway 125 in Cape Breton Regional Municipality from Exit 2 to Exit 4 will be reduced to one lane for repaving until Sunday, Sept. 30. A detour route is available via Keltic Drive. Work takes place from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Local Area Office: 902-674-2146 Fax: 902-674-2170 Local Area Office: 902-863-0364 Fax: 902-863-7482 KINGS COUNTY: Oak Island Road Oak Island Road between West Brooklyn Road and Avonport will be closed to build a wall until Friday, July 27. A detour route is available via West Brooklyn Road. Local Area Office: 902-542-6344 Fax: 902-542-6342 Local Area Office: 902-384-2599 Fax: 902-384-3275 YARMOUTH COUNTY: Brooklyn Road Brooklyn Road at the intersection of Highway 101 in Yarmouth County is closed to traffic for construction of a new underpass until Friday, Aug. 31. Drivers are asked to take an alternate route. YARMOUTH COUNTY: Port Maitland Bridge Port Maitland Bridge on the Main Shore Road is closed for replacement until Friday Aug. 3. Traffic control consists of detour signs and traffic control people. There is a detour on Main Shore Road and Quaco Road. Northfield Road, from Silver Road to McKeen Road at Upper Northfield Osborne Road, from Lower Branch Road in New Germany to end of chip seal Zwicker Mill Road, from Route 208 to Trunk 10. Work is expected to continue until Friday, Aug. 31. Motorists control people will be on site. Motorist can expect delays. Work takes place from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Local Area Office: 902-827-5388 Fax: 902-827-5190 PICTOU COUNTY: Big Gut Bridge Big Gut Bridge, on Route 348 near Pictou Landing, is open to motorists. A temporary bridge will accommodate one-lane traffic and is controlled by traffic signals. The bridge width restriction is 4.2 metres. Motorists should proceed with caution. RICHMOND COUNTY: Black River Bridge Black River Bridge in Dundee will be reduced to one lane until Tuesday, July 31, for repairs. Traffic control consists of signals. HALIFAX REGIONAL MUNICIPALITY: Highway 111 Highway 111, eastbound and westbound, from the Windmill Road overpass to Lake Micmac and Lake Banook will have lane closures at various locations until late July for construction. Two travel lanes will remain open for commuters from 6:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. Halifax bound, and 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Dartmouth bound. At least one travel lane will remain open at all other times. Motorists are advised to use extra caution when travelling through the work site, and be prepared for delays. Traffic is controlled by traffic control people, signs, cones and barrels. Work is expected to take place from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday (some weekend work may take place). Local Area Office: 902-625-4200 Fax: 902-625-1946 VICTORIA COUNTY: Old Margaree Road Overpass Highway 105 at Old Margaree Road Overpass in Baddeck will be closed for Bridge painting until Friday, July 27. Traffic control consists of traffic signals for detour. Local Area Office: 902-755-7060 Fax: 902-755-7049 Local Area Office: 902-532-2844 Fax: 902-532-7092 CAPE BRETON REGIONAL MUNICIPALITY: Highway 125, Leitches Creek Bridge The eastbound lanes of Highway 125, over Leitches Creek, will be reduced to one lane, 24 hours a day, until Sunday, Sept 30. This will allow concrete repairs, waterproofing, and repaving of the bridge deck. Drivers should use extra caution and be prepared for traffic delays in the construction area. Keltic Drive is available as a detour. CUMBERLAND COUNTY: Barronsfield Road Barronsfield Road at the intersection of Route 242 in River Hebert northerly for six kilometres will have one-lane closures for gravelling and paving until Tuesday, July 31. Traffic control people are on site. Work takes place from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Local Area Office: 902-752-6224 Fax: 902-755-7184 Local Area Office: 902-798-6885 Fax: 902-798-2927 Local Area Office: 902-667-0366 Fax: 902-667-3424 Local Area Office: 902-542-6344 Fax: 902-542-6342 KINGS COUNTY: Hantsport Kates Bridge on Tannery Road in Hantsport will be reduced to one lane for repairs and replacement of the bridge abutments until further notice. A detour is available on Avon Street. HALIFAX REGIONAL MUNICIPALITY: Sedgiwich Bridge Sedgiwich Bridge, near the intersection of the Arhibald Brook Road and the Higginsville Road, will be closed until Sunday, Sept. 30, for replacement. Traffic will be routed through the site over a one-lane temporary bridge controlled with traffic lights starting early to mid July. -30- DIGBY-YARMOUTH COUNTIES: Trunk 1 Trunk 1 from Darling Lake, Yarmouth Co., to Salmon River, Digby Co., will be reduced to one lane for a paving project until Tuesday, July 31. Traffic control will consist of a pilot vehicle. Work takes place from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.last_img read more

Ralliement de motivation des bénévoles à la GrandPlace des célébrations

first_img Douze jours seulement avant la cérémonie d’ouverture, les bénévoles des Jeux du Canada sont prêts à accueillir le pays entier. Les esprits étaient enflammés à la Grand-Place des célébrations à Grand Parade aujourd’hui, le 29 janvier, lors du ralliement de motivation des bénévoles des Jeux du Canada, au cours duquel une foule importante composée de bénévoles et de leurs familles s’est rassemblée pour se préparer pour les Jeux. « Le temps offert par nos bénévoles, ainsi que l’engagement et l’énergie de ceux-ci sont remarquables », a dit le président des Jeux du Canada de 2011 à Halifax, Jean-Paul Deveau. « La journée d’aujourd’hui avait comme but de les motiver à accueillir le pays. » Plus de 5 000 bénévoles de tous âges, de toutes origines et aux multiples aptitudes travailleront chacun au moins 24 heures pendant les Jeux. Plus de la moitié d’entre eux ont donné leur nom à Events Nova Scotia pour que l’organisme communique avec eux pour d’autres occasions de bénévolat. « L’expérience précieuse que ces bénévoles acquerront pendant les Jeux nous aidera à accueillir d’autres événements de grande envergure à Halifax et en Nouvelle-Écosse », a dit le MAL Leonard Preya, au nom du premier ministre Darrell Dexter. « Je souhaite remercier tous les bénévoles qui s’impliquent et nous aident à faire des Jeux du Canada de 2011 à Halifax un énorme succès. » « Les bénévoles jouent un rôle essentiel dans cet événement passionnant que sont les Jeux de 2011 », a dit le maire Peter Kelly. « Sans leur implication, les Jeux du Canada de 2011 à Halifax n’auraient pas été possibles. » Le groupe Gypsophilia, originaire d’Halifax, a diverti les bénévoles. Kimiki Zakreski, planchiste olympique et bénévole des Jeux, était sur place pour inspirer la foule. Les Jeux d’hiver du Canada de 2011 seront l’événement multisports le plus important jamais tenu à Halifax et les premiers Jeux d’hiver du Canada pour la ville. À L’AVANCE : Ne doit pas être utilisé avant 13 h le samedi 29 janvier. Veuillez vous abstenir d’en faire une utilisation prématurée.last_img read more

Weekly Traffic Advisories

first_img PICTOU COUNTY: Highway 106 (Exit 3A) Construction of the new roundabout is underway in the Town of Pictou. Construction vehicles will be turning on to West River Road off of Highway 106, Exit 3A, and turning into the former entrance of the visitor information centre during this phase of the project. Work is anticipated to be completed Friday, Sept. 30. COLCHESTER COUNTY: Route 246 Sections of Route 246, from 200 metres west of Kennedy Hill Road for about six kilometres west to Marshall Road, are reduced to one lane for upgrading including paving, slope stabilization, and guardrail repairs until Wednesday, Aug. 31. Traffic is stop-and-go, and work takes place from daylight to dusk. PICTOU COUNTY: Route 348 Route 348 from Bridgeville Road easterly for about seven kilometres is reduced to one lane for culvert replacement and repaving until Wednesday, Aug. 31. Traffic control people are on site. Work takes place from 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. HALIFAX REGIONAL MUNICIPALITY: Highway 111 The southbound lanes of Highway 111, between Exit 6 and Pleasant Street in Dartmouth, are reduced to one lane during construction daily from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. on weekdays and from 7 p.m. to 8 a.m. on weekends. The speed limit is reduced to 60 km/h during construction and the work is scheduled to be completed on Sunday, July 31. PICTOU COUNTY: Montreal Road Montreal Road, from Route 289 to Gairlock Lake Road, about four kilometres, is reduced to one lane for repaving until Friday, July 8. Traffic control people are on site. Work takes place from 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. VICTORIA COUNTY: Gillis Bridge Gillis Bridge, on North Branch Road, just past Uisge Bàn (USH-KA BAN) Falls Provincial Park, is closed until further notice. Access to the park is not affected. -30- DIGBY COUNTY: Highway 101 Highway 101, from Yarmouth/Digby County line to seven kilometres west of Exit 28, is reduced to one lane to install centerline rumble strips until Friday, July 8. Signage and traffic control people on site. Work takes place from sunrise to sunset. CONTINUING WORK HALIFAX REGIONAL MUNICIPALITY: Highway 107, Partridge River Bridge Until the end of July, traffic on Highway 107 near Exit 18 in Lake Echo could be reduced to one lane with stop-and-go traffic between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. The speed limit is reduced to 80 km/hr. INVERNESS COUNTY: Crowdis Bridge, Valley Mills Crowdis Bridge, in Valley Mills on Marble Mountain Road, is closed until further notice. Detour via Eden Road, Barren Road, Northside River Denys Road and Southside River Denys Road. Signs are in place. LUNENBURG COUNTY: Highway 103 Sections of Highway 103 from Exit 12 for about nine kilometres to Northfield Overpass, have alternating lane closures for repaving and upgrading until Monday, Oct. 31. Work takes place from sunrise to sunset. INVERNESS COUNTY: West Lake Ainslie Road The Hayes River Bridge on West Lake Ainslie Road has a 15 tonne weight restriction. HANTS COUNTY: Vaughan Road Vaughan Road, from Trunk 14 to Route 236, is reduced to one lane for gravelling and chip sealing until Friday, Sept. 30. Work is from Monday to Friday from sunrise to sundown. Drivers should expect delays, slowdown in construction zones, and be prepared to stop. CUMBERLAND COUNTY: Highway 104 The eastbound lanes of the Amherst Viaduct Bridge on Highway 104 have alternating lane closures for repairs until Monday, Oct. 31. Work takes place from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and traffic will be controlled by concrete barriers and signs. The bridge has a 4.5 metre width restriction and an 80 km/h speed limit. HALIFAX REGIONAL MUNICIPALITY: Highway 101 Bridge The Highway 101 Bridge over Highway 102 near Bedford is reduced to one lane on both the inbound and outbound lanes for repairs on weekends. There will also be a lane drop each way on Highway 102. Work starts on Fridays at 6 p.m. and ends on Mondays at 6 a.m. until Friday, July 15. PICTOU COUNTY: Route 348 Route 348 (East River East Side Road) is closed to traffic between Bridgeville Road and Sunny Brae Eden Road for culvert replacement until Friday, July 15. Detour signs are in place. COLCHESTER/CUMBERLAND COUNTY: Highway 104 Sections of the westbound lane of Highway 104 for about 19 kilometres from Londonderry to Westchester Station, are reduced to one lane for paving, widening, and the installation of rumble strips and guardrail until Wednesday, Aug. 31. Work takes place from dawn to dusk.last_img read more

Science Citys time machine to be replaced by new version

first_imgKolkata: ‘Time machine’ one of the prime attractions in the Science City that has been closed for maintenance since April 2018 will be soon replaced with a newer version. The authorities of Science City will now install two capsule simulators with enhanced viewing experience having 3D effect. The newer version is expected to be unveiled in December .”The earlier version was projection based but now it will be an LED screen and when you will sit with polarised glass on, the emersive feeling combined with the rolling and pitching effect experienced by you will make you feel an integral part of the entire film that is being screened infront of you,” said Subhabrata Chaudhuri, director of Science City, Kolkata. Also Read – Centuries-old Durga Pujas continue to be hit among revellersThere will be a sitting capacity of 15 persons in each of the simulator which means 200 people can witness the film screened through the time machine in an hour. 44 lakhs visitors which accounts for 14.2 percent of the total visitors in the Science City have enjoyed the earlier version of the Time Machine clearly indicating its huge popularity. “We have been carrying out maintenance of the old version on our own since 2000 as the manufacturing company suddenly refused to do servicing of the machine three years after its installation in 1997. We realised that it was becoming a risky affair maintaining the machine on our own. So we decided to close it down and switch over to a much more advanced version – the Doron precision system based at New York ,” Chaudhuri said. Each of the two simulators is priced at Rs 2.8 crore. Also Read – Bengal family worships Muslim girl as Goddess Durga in Kumari PujaAn inspection team from Science City will visit New York in mid August and will take lessons on maintenance and other nitty gritty about the operation of the machine. It is expected to shift from its manufacturing base by mid September and is expected to reach the city in six weeks . “We will be holding test run for nearly two months before unveiling it for visitors preferably by December,” he added. The Science City hadlaunched the first of its kind 3D Space Theatre in January this year. The authorities hope to end the year offering another gift for Kolkatans.last_img read more

There were too many gentlemen in my team Ganguly

first_imgManchester: Former skipper Sourav Ganguly has revealed that there were “too many gentlemen” in the team when he captained India and joked that’s why his side struggled with mental battles against tough opponents such as Australia. Speaking during the rain interruption in India’s World Cup semifinal clash against New Zealand at the Old Trafford, Ganguly said: “It was very hard with that team, because we had too many gentlemen. If you ask Rahul Dravid to do that, he’ll come back and say ‘No no no that’s not the right way to play.’ Also Read – Dhoni, Paes spotted playing football together “You ask V.V.S. Laxman to do that, he’ll say ‘I’m concentrating on my batting.’ And if you tell Sachin to do it, he will stand at mid-on and tell the mid-wicket fielder to sledge Steve Waugh, and himself not do it,” Ganguly revealed with Laxman laughing alongside him. The 47-year-old, speaking on Star Sports’ Cricket Live Show, further said that only off-spinner Harbhajan Singh was the one who followed his instructions. “There were a lot of issues in that team. The only ones holding the Indian flag were Harbhajan Singh and Sourav Ganguly. Sardarji did everything I told him to do,” he said. Ganguly was the captain of the Indian team from 2000 to 2005, a period when India beat Australia in a Test series at home and drew a Test series in Australia. On Tuesday, rain played a spoilsport as the semifinal clash was pushed to the reserve day with New Zealand 211/5 after 46.1 overs.last_img read more

Trump says he will not impose uranium quotas

first_imgWashington DC: President Donald Trump says he will not impose quotas on importing uranium, backing away from a possible trade confrontation and breaking with a Commerce Department assessment that America’s use of foreign uranium raises national security concerns. The decision is unusual for Trump, who has pointed to national security concerns in calling for restrictions on foreign metal and autos in trade negotiations. It’s also drawing rare criticism from Republicans in energy-rich states. Also Read – Imran Khan arrives in China, to meet Prez Xi JinpingUranium is a vital component for the U.S. nuclear arsenal, submarines and power plants, which prompted a monthslong Commerce Department investigation into whether such materials fall under the national security umbrella. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has said that just 5 percent of the uranium the US needs for military and electricity generation comes from domestic production. Russia, China and other countries supply the rest. In a statement issued late Friday, Trump said Ross’s findings about national security “raise significant concerns.” Yet the president opted against quotas as advocated by the domestic uranium industry, which would limit imports to guarantee that US miners supply 25 percent of uranium for domestic use. Also Read – US blacklists 28 Chinese entities over abuses in XinjiangTrump instead announced he was going to order a working group to use 90 days to make recommendations to increase domestic uranium production. Two Colorado-based uranium mining companies Energy Fuels Inc. and Ur-Energy Inc. petitioned the Commerce Department in January 2018 to impose the 25 percent requirement under Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act. The companies said relying on imports poses a “serious threat to our national defense and energy security.” Much of the uranium mined in the US comes from Wyoming. “The decision by the Trump administration is a missed opportunity to protect America’s uranium producers,” said Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo., who denounced using foreign materials. “America should not rely on Vladimir Putin and his satellites to supply our uranium. It’s dangerous and unacceptable.” Environmentalists saw the mining companies’ petition as part of an effort to expand mining across the US. They also were worried about the area outside the boundary of Grand Canyon National Park, where an Obama-era decision placed roughly 1 million acres off limits to new mining claims for a 20-year period. “We’re obviously relieved there’s not a quota, but we’re not out of the woods yet,” said Amber Reimondo, energy program director for the Flagstaff, Arizona-based environmental group the Grand Canyon Trust.last_img read more

JSW Steel decides to double tinplates capacity to 05 mt

first_imgMumbai: To tap growing demand for tinplates primarily from the packaging industry, JSW Steel is doubling its tinplates capacity to 0.5 million at its Tarapur facility investing around Rs 420 crore. The company had last fiscal commissioned a 2.5 lakh tonne tinplates plant at the Tarapur facility at an investment of Rs 575 crore and to double the output, it will invest an additional Rs 419 crore. It however, did not offer a time-line for the expansion plan. The company attributed the rationale for capacity augumentation to the rising demand from the packaging industry, which is opting for sustainable packaging material as an alternative to single-use plastic which the government plans to eliminate by 2022. Also Read – Ensure strict implementation on ban of import of e-cigarettes: revenue to Customs”This will spawn higher demand for tinplates, and the company is plannign a second tinplate plant at Tarapur, which will double its capaciy to 0.5 million tonne,” it said Friday. Accroding to JSW Steel’s annual report, it will be investing Rs 419 crore for this. JSW Steel currently has an installed capacity of 3.5 lakh tonne tinplates, of which 1 lakh tonne is with JSW Vallabh Tinplate joint venture, and the balance 2.5 lakh tonne come from its Tarapur facility, in Maharashtra. It markets its tinplates products under the label of JSW Platina. “Our total investment in tinpaltes will be close to Rs 1,000 crore at Tarapur and this capacity expansion reflects the burgeoning opportunity for tinplates,” commercial director Jayant Acharya said.last_img read more