34-6 winning start for Fiji Warriors

first_imgWhile the introduction of new laws in the scrums and line-outs slowed the momentum of the game, Warriors captain Peni Ravai said they had to adapt quickly to ensure a win against Samoa A. “I think we need to work our set plays. Even though the first half was not very good as the second half,” he said. Fiji had a narrow 12-6 lead in the first half, with the Samoa A’s Ki Anufe slotting three penalties to the Warriors’ converted try and two penalties to half back Serupepeli Vularika with the new trialled points system valuing a try at six points and a conversion, penalty and drop goal at two. Henry Seniloli created an impact upon substitution in the second spell, scoring a try and setting the pace for two more, one from Vasikali Mudu and the other a penalty try. The team’s fierce defence saw the opposition sitting on six points for the remainder of the match. Samoa captain Greg Foe said while he thought they would be in contention, they were dealt a different hand. “That was a tough physical game as expected. We thought we were going to come out here and dominate the game but Fiji really gave it to us and the ball didn’t really bounce our way but that’s all part of the game.“You’ve just go to move on and do our homework for the next game,” he said. Ravai said they had hoped to finish on a high and add to the success of the 7s team and continue to put a smile on the people’s faces. “I would like to thank the boys for the courage and the hard work they did today. Although we prepared just for two weeks, the coach believed in us. “We played today like we were training for more than two weeks and I would like to thank the boys for the great effort. “We played today to put the smile back on those who suffered and play hard on the next couple of games and maybe we can win the final,” he said. Meanwhile, a fair turnout at first round of the World Rugby Pacific Challenge at the ANZ Stadium in Suva has Fiji Rugby Union CEO John O’Connor pleased.O’Connor had on Monday revealed that all entry fees would be waived as members of the public work on gaining a sense of stability in the wake of Tropical Cyclone Winston. The union, World Rugby and the Fiji Sports Council had reached a decision on Monday resulting in the free access of all matches held at the Stadium until the fourth round on March 21. “I am quite pleased with the support from World Rugby, supporting the initiative of Fiji Rugby Union to allow free access.“Based on the crowd, it was a success getting people to come down and join this afternoon,” he said. While pleased with the win yesterday, O’Connor believes there is still more work to be done. “From Fiji Rugby Union’s point of view, we will take the win but this is just a start. We need to win all our games and then play in the final so it is a work in progress. Hopefully we can learn from here and qualify and go into the final and move on from there,” he said. The second round of matches on Saturday sees Samoa A take on Tonga A at 3.30pm while Tuesday victors Junior Japan take on the Telecom Fiji Warriors.Caption: A Fiji Warrior player fending off a Samoan defence.last_img read more

Militao: the most expensive defense in white history to incognito

first_imgI was looking for Madrid with the 21-year-old central youth similar to the one he hit on the table with Pepe When he hired Portuguese for 30 million euros, in the summer of 2007, Everyone thought it was a lot of money for a central. Then, Pepe marked an era in Madrid, the origin of the winning streak of recent times by signing dupla with Ramos (Varane, was his substitute). With MilitaoFor now, history is being written in a different way. He has only been able to play 12 games since he landed in the Bernabeu. Militao is, by far, the most expensive defender in the 118 years of history of Madrid. It cost 50 million euros. They follow in this classification their own Pepe, Coentrao, Danilo and Odriozola. All of them were paid 30. It is Militao, in addition, the sixth defense that has cost more in international football after Van Dijk (90, to Liverpool), Laporte and Mendy (both 70, both to City), and Walker and Stones (both 55, both to City). Not even Tite, who is demonstrating an unwavering faith in Militao (at least, more than Zidane has) since he first called him in September 2018, he sees him as an efficient right-back. “Militao has played 25 games at the center and is consolidating in that position. (…) I prefer central. As a side, in the last part of the field, I would have difficulties “, said the coach recently. Militao has distributed its efforts in the last seasons between those two positions, the side and central, but it was as central as dazzled to be signed by Madrid. It cost 50 million euros, arrived from Porto.center_img Right side.It was precisely Pepe’s return to Porto that moved Militao to the right side. He already has experience in that position, where he worked in 15 meetings last season with the Dragons. Three of those matches were high-flying, the double showdown of Champions eighth against Roma and the quarterfinal against Liverpool. With Madrid debuts in that position. He already had to play a few minutes on the left side, however, against the Spaniard in the League. Mendy was expelled at the end of the match and Militao entered by Vinicius to cover that gap. Now, the losses of Nacho and Carvajal and the winter sale of Odriozola put Militao back in the shop window … and in need of demonstrating, as happened with Pepe, that Madrid was not wrong with him.last_img read more

JAAA awards to return in 2017

first_imgFew probably noticed but the annual Jamaica Athletics Administrative Association (JAAA)-Scotiabank Golden Cleats awards fell away from its usual December slot on the sports calendar.According to JAAA president Dr Warren Blake, the event disappeared due to the lack of sponsorship. He says the JAAA is grateful to Scotiabank for supporting the event in the past and promises it will return this year.Speaking recently, the JAAA president explained: “We lost our main sponsor because they said a number of the top athletes we had each year kept on not appearing and the sponsors felt that they weren’t getting value for money so they pulled away, but they still are going to be a sponsor of track and field in Jamaica, but just not at an awards function.”UNABLE TO ATTENDWhen the Golden Cleats were staged in 2015, top awardees Usain Bolt and Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce were both unable to attend. They both made their presence felt through video recordings, which conveyed their thanks for their respective awards.Blake promises that the event will be staged in 2017.”We’re going to have it in 2017. It’s just that when we got the news it was really late in the day, and not being able to put it on that year,” he outlined. “It became a matter of timing.””Normally, we want to have it before the RJR Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year Award, and for us to start planning then, it would have made it later than the RJR thing, so we decided to scrap it … but we are going to have it this year.”Despite the difficulty, he underscored his association’s gratitude to Scotiabank for supporting the awards event and track and field in Jamaica.Scotiabank is a consistent supporter of sports in Jamaica, with significant sponsorships of athletics, cricket and netball.The JAAA president also that indicated a name change may be coming for the awards.last_img read more

Speech Marking the Induction of Officers, Professional School of Journalism, Thomas P….

first_imgSchool Authorities; Students; Newly Inducted Leaders; Guests; Ladies & Gentlemen:Participating in this activity is very special to me for two reasons – It is aimed towards making better journalists in Liberia – the primary responsibility I have as president of the Press Union of Liberia; and 2- to provide admonition for young people who are taking up leadership roles in this critical period in our country. I hope we can generate a useful conversation.We often repeat the rhetoric of Liberia being a post-conflict society. This couldn’t be further from the truth. However, we believe this should not be the end of the road. We must go forward. That leads us to the obligation of reconstructing, developing and safeguarding ourselves from going down memory lane to repeat what we lost out on.The truth is – we see a number of construction activities going on. But do they really and conclusively define our post-conflict reality? I leave the answer for a continuous process. We should, however, be more interested in ensuring the appropriate legal and operating environment that permits us free space for impartial governance, opportunities for citizen participation and evolution of the society based on the needs and aspirations of the people.Specifically, the legal reforms in our country are expressed through the ongoing constitution review process. Many of us see the current constitution through our parochial lenses – identifying issues that affect our views and at times ignoring those that do not directly affect us – though they may be hurting others.The challenge here is for all Liberians to begin to think beyond our current and comfort zones – and to consider for a moment:Why some people opt to run motorcycle taxis for a living?- despite unlawful and thoughtless restrictionsWhy others walk for miles on end daily selling cheap wares? – simply to raise some money to afford food for their kidsBoth issues relate to poverty, and none of us can doubt that. The obligation therefore, is for each of us to recognize that poverty is not necessarily the outcome of laziness, but there are instead inherent practices and actions by those in high and powerful positions that effectively keep others on the margins of life. Until we address these imbalances, we cannot expect to make Liberia better.Moving forward with this is greatly tied to the structures we have in place to enhance democracy and development in our country.Reference the constitution review process, I like to note that our current laws were an attempt to provide more integration in Liberian society, but unfortunately there remain many sections of the law that still point at exclusion – the same situation that informed the need for a constitution in the first place. The Constitution Review process must therefore take steps to reduce exclusion from our national polity. That is – reduce specters of conspiracy and strengthen our drive to prevent future conflicts. That includes preventing the renewal of any laws that unduly limit people in the exercise of their choices and freedom. Lest we forget, limiting freedoms may end up limiting creativity and innovation that are necessary for fueling development – and growing wealth.Added to these are laws that criminalize dissent – thus the need to rework our country into a clear and present democracy. We can however be hopeful that more persons are now enlightened and determined to be heard and to participate in the Liberian processes.Mr. President & Officers, Ladies & Gentlemen:The development programs – on the other hand – are reflected through a number of measures, including the administration led Poverty Reduction Strategy and the Agenda for Transformation; the Central Bank enhanced microcredit programs; the County Development Fund and even the proposed District Impact Funds. As flawed as we may consider several or all of these plans, we must however accept that they also include inherent benefits, which can be better understood through dialogue.That is why we believe that regardless of the faults of anyone’s ideas, criticism, engagements, etc. – once they do not call for and or drive towards outright war and destruction, they must be allowed the space. As offensive as their comments may seem, they should not be discounted at face value or the proponents punished on account of their propositions. This is because we must all accept that life (including Liberia) must be viewed as a kaleidoscope that works effectively with all components engaged.This drives us to the key purpose of this gathering – the induction of officers of a journalism students’ leadership.Leaders must maintain a constructive dialogue with the people they serve, so that the legacy of their leadership will reflect the needs and aspirations of the people – members – customers – occupants – employees – subjects – citizens, etc. Anything other than that is a waste of precious time.This is true irrespective of any such leadership being in a village, academic community, business organization or even at the supra national level.Specifically – at the student level, like in your case – the onus is on you a lot more to engage with your colleagues in driving programs that will make your educational pursuit and leadership experiences meaningful and productive. We challenge you to do just that! You will learn later, and must already be witness to the fact that maintaining such dialogues in leadership inspires the trust and confidence of your people.Reference the other part of this activity – the journalism development segment – we will note that journalism is a professional and noble service that thrives on reporting truth. When a journalist loses sight of the truth, his worth has been washed out and he should perhaps seek out another vocation – i.e- do anything that you consider worthwhile. I at times sarcastically say to others – become a tailor or mason. Truth however is once the people you work for lose faith in you, they will find other tailors or masons.Truth, however, is obviously quite easy. We however and often ignore it on account of our selfishness, greed, dishonesty, disregard for the rights and opportunities of our compatriots, and in fact a total lack of nationalism and patriotism. Journalists must avoid such circumstances.On the other hand, journalism is a human right – informed by various national and international instruments which guarantee our right to freely express ourselves on issues and choices – irrespective of the conditions and circumstances.While various countries try to place caveats to limit the space for journalists to operate, there are still a lot of forward thinking people who maintain that attempts to limit this right should only be restricted to extreme security circumstances. Notwithstanding, there are various professional ethics that guide people in the practice of this craft – towards keeping activities in good taste. Among other issues in media ethics are keeping solidarity with others who aspire to enjoy free expression; providing others reasonable opportunities to respond to issues involving their roles, characters, etc; protecting subjects from scorn and respecting the choices of all.This is necessary because a professional journalist has the obligation to provide space for all, and that cannot be easily possible, if you have a case against certain people, practices or concerns.The Press Union of Liberia is dedicated to supporting your group as it strives to produce professional journalists. As a freedom of expression organization, we are determined to stand up with all to freely express themselves, help secure the space for the enjoyment of this right, and help improve their professionalism.We welcome the establishment of the journalism training program, and we invite you to partner with us in helping to make your programs conform with best practice. We note that once you are determined to participate in journalism, you can go on and achieve laurels, whether we like it or not. Therefore, we have made our role one that will partner with all, and help you become more professional.Also, we invite you to seek membership in the Press Union of Liberia – to strengthen your solidarity in media practice, and to improve your confidence and professionalism as journalists.Over the coming period, we commit to assisting in the review of your curriculum, methodologies, students and diversity – in the hope that you will grow into a more professional program.Thank You!Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Jagdeo confident about PPP win

first_img2020 electionsBy Samuel SukhnandanWith more than three years left before the next General Election in Guyana, the Opposition has made known its intention to get the A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) coalition Government out of office whenOpposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo addressing the public meeting at Leonora, West Coast Demerara on SundayGuyanese head to the polls in 2020.While making several points about the perceived weaknesses of the current Administration, Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo argued that Guyanese from all walks of life were not pleased with the performance of the Government, and these people were not just supporters of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP).Jagdeo claimed that many people who voted for the new Government were now regretting their decision and have openly expressed how they feel about its performance in several areas. He said the “good life” which was promised was nowhere close to being realised and Guyanese were cognisant of that fact.The former Head of State, who is also General Secretary of the PPP, made these remarks on Sunday while addressing a massive crowd of supporters at a public meeting at Leonora, West Coast Demerara.He said while the PPP recognised that its support base was mainly people of Indo-Guyanese origin, there was also much support from the first peoples of Guyana – the Amerindians.However, Jagdeo observed that the Party has had trouble in attracting a large support base in Afro-Guyanese communities because it has been often peddled by its opponents that the Party was racial.But the Opposition Leader claimed that that was far from the truth because the PPP was a multi-cultural party, whose members come from all races in Guyana, including Afro-Guyanese.While claiming that the 2015 election was not fair, Jagdeo said the PPP was defeated only by 4500 votes. “We are going to take this country back. One year later, at Local Government Elections, we swept the polls with 28,000 votes. But they didn’t say anything about that. If we go to the polls now, there would be 50,000 difference (more votes),” Jagdeo confidently boasted during the public meeting.He said Government officials were claiming that the Americans were on their side and have guaranteed them 10 years in office, but he knew that was “not true because I have spoken to the people.”Further, the former President claimed that the Government’s plan for sugar could be an attempt to get people to migrate, but promised supporters that the PPP would get the APNU/AFC coalition out of office.Jagdeo was critical of the Government removing the $1.67 billion grant for schoolchildren, stating that the tax write-off given to companies could have been used to keep that subsidy instead.He also referenced the removal of subsidies for electricity and water from 44,000 pensioners, claiming that the Government was not spending money where it was needed.The APNU/AFC narrowly won the 2015 General Election, securing 206,817 votes while the PPP/Civic accumulated 201,457 votes, a difference of 5360 votes.The coalition’s gain created a devastating loss for the PPP/C, which held political power for over 23 years.The PPP/C’s grip on political power was strong until the 2011 General and Regional Elections when it lost parliamentary control. As a result, a few years before the 2015 election, then President Donald Ramotar ruled Guyana in a minority government. The APNU/AFC secured 33 seats in the 11th Parliament of Guyana, while the PPP/C received 32 seats.last_img read more

North Peace Minor Baseball hosting All-Star games during final week of the season

first_imgHeath Bruha -Cecil Lake                           Ronan Cullen – World GymKordell Ollengberger – Cecil Lake               Aston Flemming – World GymKolby Green – Cecil Lake                          Reese Holden – World GymAiden Hoffmeyer – Ernies                          Evan Wagner – Baron OilfieldZachary Ryan – Ernies                              Kaden Arberry – Baron OilfieldAdvertisement Noah Telford – TCL                                   Finley Gibb – RemaxPrestin Barrows – Strad                            Kevin Unruh – Pimm’sCaden Brown – Strad                                Ayden Pimm – Pimm’sLuka Van Rensberg – Strad                       Brett McCracken – Pimm’sAdvertisement FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The North Peace Black Sox will be entering their final week of the regular season with a trio of All-Star games on Thursday evening.All three games are taking place on Thursday, June 23rd at the Kin Park ball diamonds. The Majors will be up to bat at ball diamond #3, and will combine all-stars from the Strad, TCL, Cecil Lake, Ernies and CNRL teams against those from the Remax, Baron Oilfield, Pimms, and World Gym teams. The Junior All-Star game starts at the same time, on diamond #6. Players from HSE and CIBC will be taking on the combined all-stars from Burger King, Cecil Lake and Prospect Land. The rookies comprised of the Red Sox, Twins, and Phillies will be combining to take on the Blue Jays, Yankees, and Cecil Lake rookie all-stars on ball diamond #5. The start time for all three games is 6:00 PM.Rosters for the teams are as follows:- Advertisement -MAJORS:Dillon Neufeld – TCL                                 Adam Bourgeois – RemaxGraydon Alexander -TCL                          Colby Busche – RemaxAdvertisement Evan Morgan – Ernies                               Reid Arberry  -Baron OilfieldEthan French – CNRLKash Pittam – CNRLBen Delisi – CNRLJUNIORS:Advertisement Kale Goulet – HSE                                 Connor Bowie – Burger KingTavish Parkhurst -HSE                           Brophy Dunne -Burger KingDustin Unruh – HSE                               Curtis Hammond – Burger KingEmmett Lusk – HSE                              Payden Dyck – Burger KingMarcus Reuhl – HSE                             Noah Lang – Prospect LandIsaac Wagner – HSE                              Aiden Craig -Steele- Prospect LandHunter Brown – CIBC                              Jesse McArthur – Prospect LandDawson Young- CIBC                             Tyler McArthur – Prospect LandChase London -CIBC                              Reilly MacLachlan – Cecil LakeMax Blanchette – CIBC                          Logan Kimmie – Cecil LakeBrody Hipkiss – CIBC                             Jordan Shawcheck – Cecil LakeReid Jacobs – CIBC                               Riley Shawcheck – Cecil LakeROOKIES:Brady Dietz – Red sox                         Naomi Batten – Blue JaysTravers Barrows -Red Sox                    Jamie Straub – Blue JaysJonathan Toews -Red Sox                    Presley Mackay – Blue JaysKenzie Sihlis – Red sox                       Logan Stirling – Blue JaysKolton Bigras – Phillies                        Logan Kimmie – Cecil LakeChaz Lucas – Phillies                          Jordan Shawcheck – Cecil LakeKyle Ennis – Phillies                            Riley Shawcheck – Cecil LakeJarrett Lawson – Phillies                       Reilly MacLachlan – Cecil LakeShea Feener  – Twins                           Carson Arberry – YankeesJack Landry-Stewart – Twins                 Joshua Moskalyk – YankeesQuinn Stigners – Twins                         Kaitlynn Ross  – YankeesJacob Foley – Twins                             Dayton Kreiger – YankeesThe North Peace Black Sox will also be in action this coming weekend, when they travel to Grande Prairie for a tournament which was rescheduled from last weekend. The Black Sox’s year-end tournament will also take place next week, running from Monday through Thursday.last_img read more

P-Rod hits 3 home runs for Cerritos

first_imgCerritos sophomore catcher Phillip Rodriguez hit three home runs and finished with seven RBI to lead the Falcons to a 9-0 victory at Compton in a South Coast Conference game on Thursday. With Rodriguez providing so much offense, freshman right hander John Ortega cruised, notching 14 strikeouts in seven innings for the victory. Mt. San Antonio 9, LBCC 0 (five innings): Mt. SAC had three home runs, while the Vikings managed just two hits. Sophomore center fielder Linda Diller had both hits for LBCC (6-8, 1-1). She was 2 for 3 and added a stolen base. Shortstop Francesca Gonzales and first baseman Jessica Westervoorde both launched two-run home runs for Mt. SAC (17-2, 2-0), and third baseman Mandy Pongs added a solo shot. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Freshman shortstop Jerry Pena went 2 for 4 for the Falcons (16-4, 4-0). LBCC 12, El Camino 5: Freshman Keith Chipman (Lakewood High) was perfect through five innings and got the win, going seven innings and allowing three runs to lead LBCC (13-8, 3-1) in the SCC game. center_img Third baseman Mark Ruiz and right fielder Daniel Prieto each went 3 for 5 for the Vikings. Cypress 5, Fullerton 1: Freshman right-hander Alex Curry pitched a complete game, allowing one run, with 10 strikeouts and one walk. Freshman left fielder Michael Nesbitt had a two-run homer, and freshman second baseman Wayne Larcom went 3 for 4 with a double, RBI and run to lead Cypress (14-17, 2-2) in the Orange Empire Conference game. L.A. Harbor 10, Pasadena CC 6: Sophomore outfielder Chris Valencia had a three-run home run and went 4 for 5 with four RBI, and sophomore third baseman Steve Carillo went 3 for 5 run, with RBI to lead Harbor (10-9, 3-0) in the SCC game. Softball last_img read more

Manchester City seal Laporte deal, Aubameyang arrives at Arsenal

first_img0Shares0000Manchester City are reported to have paid a club record £57 million ($80 million, 65 million euros) for Aymeric Laporte, picutred in 2016, © AFP/File / FRANCK FIFELONDON, United Kingdom, Jan 30 – Manchester City completed the signing of Aymeric Laporte on Tuesday as Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang reportedly arrived at Arsenal’s training ground to finalise his transfer from Borussia Dortmund, with clubs scrambling to beat Wednesday’s deadline.Premier League leaders City are reported to have paid a club record £57 million ($80 million, 65 million euros) for Athletic Bilbao defender Laporte, eclipsing the £55 million they paid for Kevin De Bruyne in 2015. The 23-year-old is also the second most expensive defender in history behind Virgil van Dijk, who cost Liverpool £75 million from Southampton earlier this month.Last week, Alexis Sanchez signed for Manchester United from Arsenal in a swap deal with Henrikh Mkhitaryan and with the clock ticking, it appears Arsene Wenger will land Aubameyang to boost his forward options.“I am very happy to be here,” Laporte said in a statement on Manchester City’s website. “City are a club with a lot of ambition and they are one of the best teams in Europe.“I am looking forward to working under Pep Guardiola and trying to help the club to achieve success.”City boss Guardiola said Laporte was ready to play straight away but may need time to adapt to the Premier League.“He’s fit, he’s been playing the last period,” Guardiola told reporters. “Of course he has to adapt because the Premier League is special in many senses.“He is intelligent, he will read what is the situation. Even for English players, when they come into the Premier League it’s always a little bit tough. We will be patient because he doesn’t come for three months, he comes for five years.”Guardiola has now spent more than £200 million on reinforcing his defence, bringing in Laporte alongside Benjamin Mendy (£52m), John Stones (£47.5m) and Kyle Walker (£45m).– Aubameyang flies in –Guardiola’s January spending might not be over after widespread reports that City are interested in Leicester winger Riyad Mahrez.Mahrez, 26, is reported to have handed in a transfer request as the Algerian tries to force through a move to Eastlands.Arsenal are understood to have agreed a fee of around £60 million with Dortmund for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang but the German club will reportedly only sanction the move if they find a replacement © AFP/File / PATRIK STOLLARZCity also signed England Under-21 midfielder Jack Harrison from New York City on a three-and-a-half-year deal before sending him out on loan to Championship side Middlesbrough for the rest of the season.Sky Sports News reported Tuesday that Aubameyang, 28, had arrived in Britain on a private jet before travelling to Arsenal’s training ground near London.Arsenal are understood to have agreed a fee of around £60 million with the Bundesliga club for the Gabon international but the German club will reportedly only sanction the move if they find a replacement.Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud is reportedly a key cog in the transfer — either as a direct replacement for Aubameyang or as part of a three-way deal, with Giroud moving to Chelsea and Michy Batshuayi swapping Stamford Bridge for Dortmund.Chelsea have secured the signing of left-back Emerson Palmieri from Roma for a reported £25 million on a four-and-a-half year deal.The 23-year-old played just twice for Roma this season after missing the first three months of the campaign with a serious knee injury.“I came here because it’s a great team with a great history. Today I am realising one of my dreams to pull on the shirt of such a great club,” Emerson told the Chelsea website.The Brazil-born defender, who joined Roma from Santos in 2015, obtained Italian citizenship last year.Elsewhere, Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge, 28, left Anfield for struggling West Brom on a loan deal until the end of the season after slipping down the pecking order under Jurgen Klopp.Barcelona winger Gerard Deulofeu has become Javi Gracia’s first signing as Watford manager after arriving at Vicarage Road on loan until the end of the campaign.Celtic have signed Chelsea midfielder Charly Musonda on an 18-month loan deal, with left-back Baba Rahman departing Stamford Bridge for Schalke in a similar arrangement.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more

Rodgers sees positives for Liverpool despite defeat to Man United

first_imgLiverpool manager Brendan Rodgers believes there are positives for his side despite a 3-0 defeat at the hands of Manchester United.The Reds saw plenty of the ball, especially in the second period, and on several occasions were denied by some fantastic saves from goalkeeper David De Gea.And the fact the Spaniard was named man-of-the-match buoyed Rodgers, confirming his belief Liverpool had displayed the creativity of old, even though the finishing was missing.He said: “It’s a strange one. Coming off the back of a 3-0 [defeat] with their goalkeeper being man of the match is obviously disappointing but probably typifies our season.“What I was pleased with today was we at least had creativity in the team.“The second goal shouldn’t have been allowed as it was clearly offside, which was poor timing for us. I was disappointed with the other goals too as we can do better but their goalkeeper was man of the match so it shows you on the offensive side of our game, at least, our creativity is coming back.”last_img read more