Inflation angst Businesses face higher labour vendor costs

first_imgNEW YORK — Diners are willing to pay more at Manhattan’s upscale Gotham Bar and Grill, but price increases these days aren’t about snob appeal — the restaurant is contending with higher costs, particularly from rising wages.“We have been forced to raise our prices to offset this expense and our pricing still doesn’t compensate fully for the increase,” says Bret Csencsitz, managing partner in the restaurant located in the Greenwich Village section.Gotham’s hourly wages have gone up along with the city’s minimum wage, which rose $2 an hour to $13 last December and will reach $15 this Dec. 31. The restaurant is also paying more for ingredients, especially eggs and other dairy items that are key dessert components.Higher labour costs due to a tight employment market and rising minimum wages in states like New York are a key factor as some small businesses struggle with inflation and consider whether to pass higher expenses along to customers. Wholesale prices, which reflect what businesses pay for goods and services, rose 0.6 per cent in October, the largest increase in six years. Consumer prices, which the Federal Reserve considers as it determines whether to raise interest rates, were up 2.5 per cent from October 2017. Economists consider U.S. inflation to currently be mostly in check, but individual businesses can feel the impact of higher prices in differing ways, depending on where they’re located, whether they have employees, are in tight real estate markets and face the Trump administration’s tariffs on imports.Owners have varying strategies for coping with inflation. Where possible, they try to negotiate lower prices with suppliers or search for new vendors. They may change products or services to avoid raising prices or keep the increases to a minimum. Others understand when they’re forced to charge more that they may lose some business.Gotham won’t downscale its menu, and while it has raised prices, it’s also absorbing costs rather than lose customers, Csencsitz says.“There is a limit to what the consumer is willing to accept to dine out. We’d rather take a hit on the bottom line,” he says.Just a few years ago, Tom Malesic was able to pay a website developer at his Lancaster, Pennsylvania, internet marketing company $35,000. Now, he says, “we’re lucky to get one at $60,000.”“Our biggest business expense is labour. Our salaries have had to go up substantially to stay competitive and attract the people that we need to be successful,” says Malesic, owner of EZSolution. He also has other rising expenses, including software that’s upgraded yearly and costs more with each enhancement.Malesic has had to raise prices, but rather than implementing an across-the-board increase, he’s created a tiered system, packaging services and pricing them according to what each package offers. Customer response has been positive, he says.“In the last year, we’ve done a better job at repositioning and being transparent about what they get,” Malesic says. “That’s definitely been helpful.”Raising prices is difficult in the printing industry, where many companies have shut down in the past decade, not only because of the recession, but because their business customers no longer send printed documents through the mail.“I had to keep my prices decently low just not to go out of business,” says Joy Gendusa, owner of Postcardmania in Clearwater, Florida. She absorbed the increases by resigning herself to lower profit margins. Now, however, with labour costs up $22,000 a week this year including what she pays for staffers’ health insurance, she’s passing some increases to customers.“We’ve had to raise our prices to afford the creme de la creme of personnel,” says Gendusa, who has 235 employees. She’s also finding ways to diversify; she’s added electronic mailing services that bring in more revenue and are more profitable than printing.When inflation manifests itself in the form of soaring rents, some companies shut down, forcing their small business customers to find new suppliers. When some of Haldora Bjornsson’s fabric vendors in New York’s Garment District closed, she had fewer resources for the silk she uses in custom-made women’s clothes.“Now, there aren’t so many choices, and we are paying a higher cost,” says Bjornsson, owner of Haldora, a store in Rhinebeck, New York.Bjornsson also pays more for thread and buttons and is concerned that Trump administration tariffs could exacerbate the increases. While customers expect to pay more for her clothes — her signature shirt ranges from $258 to $649 — Bjornsson is hesitant to raise her own prices because she doesn’t want to lose sales. The solution, she says, is to scale back the types of fabric she uses.“I make less silk (shirts) than I used to. I’m still using linen and cotton,” Bjornsson says.Owners whose companies require frequent travel are getting hit hard, especially if they’re not flying in and out of major hubs.“I’m finding that coming out of Santa Fe and Albuquerque (New Mexico), the inexpensive flights I used to take are sold out,” says Sarah Boisvert, who takes about five trips a month for her technology training company, Fab Lab Hub. She estimates her travel expenses are up by a third this year. Boisvert flies to cities like Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Tulsa, Oklahoma, and fares are higher than on more heavily travelled routes like New York-Los Angeles. Some tickets she used to pay $400 for now cost $900.But Boisvert, whose company helps train people in skills like 3D printing, gets funding from grants and can’t pass along cost increases. She has to take steps that are hard for a company focused on new technology.“We have to cut elsewhere — delay new equipment purchases, for example,” she says._____For more small business news, insights and inspiration, sign up for our free weekly newsletter here: Joyce Rosenberg at . Her work can be found here: M. Rosenberg, The Associated Presslast_img read more

Statistics Canada says pace of Canadian economic growth slowed in third quarter

first_imgOTTAWA — The pace of economic growth in Canada slowed in the third quarter as business investment spending moved lower and the growth in household spending slowed.Statistics Canada says the Canadian economy grew at an annualized pace of 2.0 per cent in the quarter.That compared with an annualized pace of 2.9 per cent in the second quarter.The result matched the expectations of economists, according to Thomson Reuters Eikon.The move came as non-residential investment in buildings and engineering structures fell 1.3 per cent as spending in the oil and gas sector slowed. Investment in machinery and equipment by businesses fell 2.5 per cent.Meanwhile, the growth in household spending slowed to 0.3 per cent in the quarter compared with 0.6 per cent in the second quarter.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Aerospace company Bombardier to sell UK, Morocco operations

LONDON — Canadian aerospace company Bombardier says it will sell businesses in Northern Ireland and Morocco as part of a broad restructuring.The company said Thursday it will consolidate its aerospace operations into one unit. As a result, it will focus its business on manufacturing plane structures at its sites in Montreal, Mexico and Texas.Bombardier said that means it “will pursue the divestiture of the Belfast and Morocco aerostructures businesses.”The Belfast unit alone employs almost 4,000 people and it was unclear if any sale would lead to job losses beyond those already announced last year.The company had said in November that it would cut some 5,000 jobs globally, including 490 in Belfast, to trim costs.The Associated Press read more

Finance Ministry calls for proposals for 2018 Budget

The Ministry of Finance has called for proposals from all stakeholders including the general public to be included in the Budget – 2018, to be presented in Parliament in November this year.The Ministry of Finance said that since the Government has a plan to introduce a successful budget targeting  building a strong economy, an enriched country and creation of one million jobs, the public have been invited to submit their proposals to enhance the opportunities in those fields to the Ministry of Finance, The Secretariat, Colombo 01, or  email: before the October 15, 2017. The Minister of Finance and Mass Media Mangala Samaraweera will present the 2018 budget in Parliament on November 09, aiming at  building an enriched country with a strong economy for creation of one million employment opportunities. (Colombo Gazette) “Democracy, Reconciliations and Development are the three main pillars on which the Unity Government has been formed in order to fulfil the economic needs as well as the aspirations of the masses of the country. Therefore, the Professionals, scholars and those who are engaged in the Manufacture, Services and the Agriculture, the three main sectors of the economy are requested to contribute with their proposals for the budget – 2018,” the Finance Ministry said. The Government, since it came in to office, has achieved tremendous success in the fields of free education and health making them accessible to all whilst completing the construction of 200,000 houses for the homeless people. read more

Security Council calls on Bosnia to abide by decisions to certify police

In a statement read out in an open meeting by its President for June, Ambassador Lauro L. Baja, Jr. of the Philippines, the Council called on Bosnian authorities to ensure that all decisions by the United Nations International Police Task Force (IPTF) were “fully and effectively implemented” and that those who were denied certification were terminated from their jobs and precluded from any position within any law enforcement agency in the country.The IPTF was the branch of the former UN Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina (UNMIBH) responsible for helping the country set up law enforcement agencies and train police officers. The Mission’s mandate concluded at the end of 2002 and it handed over responsibility to the European Union Police Mission (EUPM) on 1 January 2003.In March, the international community’s top civilian administrator in the country, High Representative Lord Paddy Ashdown, told the Council more than 150 non-certified officers have asked the courts to assess the legality of their employer’s decision to dismiss them on the grounds that they had not been certified by the IPTF. He stressed that the vetting process must not be allowed to unravel.The Council’s statement today expressed concern at the failure by the Bosnian authorities to take steps to implement decisions to deny certification, and reaffirmed that the process was carried out pursuant to the IPTF’s mandate, which was legally based in the UN Charter.”The comprehensive and rigorous vetting procedure was designed to create a police force comprised entirely of personnel meeting internationally recognized standards of personal integrity and professional performance,” the Council said. read more

Central African Republic Ban deplores recent attacks urges end to cycle of

“The Secretary-General calls for an immediate end to the cycle of violence and retaliatory attacks,” his spokesperson said, referring to fighting that broke out following a 2012 rebel-led coup and has since become more brutal with reports of ongoing human rights violations and clashes that have left 2.2 million in need of humanitarian aid.Muslim rebels yesterday attacked Christians sheltering at the Church of Notre Dame de Fatima in Bangui, killing an unknown number of people, including the priest, and abducting others, according to a statement issued by the UN in New York. The attack follows violence in the capital earlier in the week during which three Muslim youths were brutally killed by suspected anti-Balaka elements on their way to an inter-communal reconciliation football match.In today’s statement, Mr. Ban encouraged CAR leaders and partners in the sub-region to work with the UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in CAR (MINUSCA) to work towards “meaningful national dialogue and reconciliation in order to chart a sustainable path to peace.”He also called on the international forces present in the country to take all necessary measures in support of these efforts. read more

Several including nightclub owner in custody following CANU bust

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedGuyana seeking int’l help in multi-million dollar drug bust caseMay 23, 2017In “Crime”$550M cocaine bust: Vieira released on his own recognisanceMay 23, 2017In “Crime”DRUG BUST: 1,276 lbs compressed marijuana found in containerJune 15, 2016In “latest news” A Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) led operation on Tuesday morning has resulted in several persons- one of whom has been identified as a nightclub owner- being taken into police custody for possession of narcotics.This is according to Police “A” Division Commander, Leslie James on Tuesday via a telephone interview with INews.At the time of the enquiry, James was unable to ascertain the exact number of persons who are presently being interrogated, as well as the amount of cannabis unearthed.However, another senior police officer has confirmed that approximately 19 kilos of marijuana were unearthed within the Werk-en-Rust, Georgetown area.Investigations are ongoing. read more

RPMGlobal offers steeply dipping coal solution

first_imgRPMGlobal has expanded its suite of commodity based mine scheduling software solutions through the launch of its Steeply Dipping Coal (SDC) XPAC Solution, a mine scheduling solution specifically tailored for the complex scheduling issues unique to this type of geology. SDC is a Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software product built on harnessing RPM’s leading scheduling solution, XPAC and as with RPM’s other commodity based solutions incorporates RPM’s dynamic design, haulage and product optimisation functionality. The company says “it is now possible to maximise productivity and coal recovery from steeply dipping coal seams.Such coal mines use the Terrace mining method due to the nature of the coal seams within the deposit. These mines can be geologically complex, involve many thin seams and have intricate coal mining methods and therefore present a number of challenges not encountered with traditional open pit mines.Despite this complex geology, SDC allows users to visualise the location and shape of every coal seam that intersects every bench, making schedules more practical and easier to communicate. The opportunities for backfilling in worked out sections of the mine are considerable and the maintenance of adequate backfill space is essential when maximising haulage efficiency. Such situations require a more dynamic and flexible approach to the design of the mine.Commenting on the release, RPM’s CEO and Managing Director Richard Mathews said “XPAC is the industry standard for mine planning and scheduling and has been for 40+ years. Our Steeply Dipping Coal Solution is the 10th commodity specific solution we have released. Consistent with our other solutions SDC was developed in collaboration with our key customers and strategic partners to ensure we were able to deliver a solution that the industry can benefit from immediately.”Built on XPAC’s scheduling platform, the SDC process driven solution has been designed to optimise how dynamic haulage can be used to model and provide accurate, cost effective, alternative routes to both the worked out areas and the conventional external pit dumps within a mine.Mathews continued by saying “The advanced scheduling platform handles the large data sets generated by today’s mining operations meaning that users aren’t required to split their operation into many separate models in order to generate a working schedule. The scheduling platform also performs all scheduling functions in a single process rather than sequential scheduling steps. This is something no other scheduling application can deliver and a key advantage of the XPAC scheduling platform that delivers real value for users.”“The reserve model compatibilities in SDC are a game changer. Previously if one reserving model changed, users would have to manually change every other model. As with all of RPM’s XPAC Solutions, SDC users now have the ability to incorporate multiple reserving models together, regardless of what activities, fields or codes were originally used. This particularly benefits larger companies as it removes the painstaking and unproductive task of updating every model. Also, as the reserves or the underlying design change, the resultant changes to the schedule are automatically reflected.”Mathews concluded by saying, “Being able to simultaneously optimise coal production, waste placement, haulage and product processing is incredibly powerful and enables mine schedulers to compare and optimise complex options around coal recover, dump constraints and haulage requirements. This ensures end users are able to make the optimal mining decisions around the most cost effective scheduling and extraction sequence. Whilst it has been a long time coming, we are looking forward to seeing the response from miners who until this release have had no real choice but to try and adapt and ‘shoehorn’ traditional scheduling products (that were originally designed for use within flat coal seams) into their more geologically complex mining operations.”last_img read more

Altech patent granted for kaolin to HPA production process

first_imgAltech Chemicals has received the Certificate of Grant for an Innovation Patent from the Australian Patent Office (IP Australia), for its process of producing high purity alumina (HPA) from kaolin (aluminous clay). Altech originally filed the patent titled ‘A Method for the Preparation of Alumina’ in October 2014. This affords protection to Altech and its unique eight-step production method and Altech is now in a strong position to defend its intellectual property rights.The granted patent covers the production of alumina from all types aluminous clay including kaolin, using hydrochloric acid and includes the following steps:1. treating kaolin or aluminous material to reduce particle size and increase the alumina content2. calcining the kaolin or aluminous material3. leaching the aluminous material with hydrochloric acid4. solid liquid separation to provide a pregnant liquor5. crystallising aluminium chloride hexahydrate by adding hydrogen chloride gas6. precipitating and separation of aluminium chloride hexahydrate7. dissolving the aluminium chloride hexahydrate in water and repeating the crystallisation process8. roasting and calcining aluminium chloride hexahydrate to provide alumina.The grant of the patent acknowledges that Altech’s process for producing HPA from aluminous material such as kaolin is unique. Other potential new entrants into the HPA industry that have publicised the proposed use of a process similar to Altech’s for the production of HPA from kaolin, will need to take extreme care not to breach the company’s patent.Altech Chemicals Managing Director Iggy Tan said, “The journey to patent grant was quite arduous. We commenced the process in 2014 and have now received the Certificate of Grant – four years later. The patent will help protect the company’s unique HPA production process and the technology that we have developed.“Over the past 18 months it has been quite frustrating to read a number public announcements from other companies aiming to be HPA producers that have included HPA process flow diagrams that appeared to be blatant copies of Altech’s process – some even using the same unique icons developed by the company. Now that this patent is granted, Altech is in strong position to defend its intellectual property rights with the assistance of WRAYS, our patent attorney”, he said.HPA is a high-value, high margin and highly demanded product as it is the critical ingredient required for the production of synthetic sapphire. Synthetic sapphire is used in the manufacture of substrates for LED lights, semiconductor wafers used in the electronics industry, and scratch-resistant sapphire glass used for wristwatch faces, optical windows and smartphone components. There is no substitute for HPA in the manufacture of synthetic sapphire.Global HPA demand is approximately 25,315 t/y (2016) and demand is growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.7% (2016-2024), primarily driven by the growth in worldwide adoption of LEDs. As an energy efficient, longer lasting and lower operating cost form of lighting, LED lighting is replacing the traditional incandescent bulbs.Current HPA producers use expensive and highly processed feedstock materials such as aluminium metal to produce HPA. Altech has completed a Final Investment Decision Study (FIDS) for the construction and operation of a 4,500 t/y HPA plant at the Tanjung Langsat Industrial Complex, Johor, Malaysia. The plant will produce HPA directly from kaolin clay, which will be sourced from the company’s 100%-owned kaolin deposit at Meckering, Western Australia. Altech’s production process will employ conventional “off-the-shelf” plant and equipment to extract HPA using a hydrochloric (HCl) acid-based process. Production costs are anticipated to be considerably lower than established HPA producers.The company is currently in the process of securing project financing and has agreed with its appointed EPC contractor SMS group for the commencement of stage 1 construction of its HPA plant in Johor.last_img read more

Fancy wearing the blue The Garda Reserve is taking on 300 more

first_imgFancy wearing the blue? The Garda Reserve is taking on 300 more recruits It’s part of a plan to increase the size of both the reserve and regular garda forces. Short URL 28,647 Views By Rónán Duffy THE GARDA RESERVE has begun a recruitment campaign to take on 300 more recruits by the end of the year.Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald has confirmed the number saying it’s part of a commitment in the programme for government to increase strength of the garda reserve by 2,000 by 2021.The government has also committed to increase the number of gardaí to 15,000 members.The new garda reserve recruits will support regular gardaí in their local patrols.“Reserve members have undergone training in many of the skills required to be an effective full-time member of An Garda Síochána and it is important that we build on the very real contribution that they are making to the policing of communities right across the country,” the minister said.The increase in the strength of the reserve will allow the Commissioner to make full use of the reserve to support the delivery of an effective, visible police service in our communities.Applications for the garda reserve are made through and the minister said that anyone thinking of a career in An Garda Síochána should consider the reserves as a way of experiencing what is required.“There is now a separate recruitment stream for members of the reserve who want to become guards that recognises the commitment and dedication of reserve members and their important contribution to policing the State,” the minister said.The closing date for applications is 13 April.Read: Gardaí appeal for witnesses after man dies in car crash >Read: Firearm and cocaine worth €70,000 seized in Dublin > Share1173 Tweet Email6 Mar 23rd 2017, 6:10 AM 49 Comments center_img New Garda recruits stand to attention in Templemore. Image: Eamonn Farrell/Photocall Ireland Thursday 23 Mar 2017, 6:10 AM New Garda recruits stand to attention in Templemore. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Image: Eamonn Farrell/Photocall Irelandlast_img read more

Samsung ne redoute pas larrivée de lApple TV

first_imgSamsung ne redoute pas l’arrivée de l’Apple TVChris Moseley, le chef de produit Samsung, met au défi Apple de proposer une qualité d’image supérieure à celle de ses téléviseurs… Leader sur le marché des téléviseurs, Samsung ne semble pas vraiment redouter l’arrivée du téléviseur d’Apple, l’Apple TV. Et ce même si les deux fabricants se livrent déjà à une bataille juridique aux quatre coins de la planète au sujet de violations de brevet concernant tablettes et smartphones…Apple, qui pourrait lancer sa smart TV ou “iTV” avec l’esprit d’innovation qui caractérise la firme de Cupertino, se trouverait actuellement en phase de test auprès des sociétés de Telecom Bell et Rogers. Selon des rumeurs, ce téléviseur se commanderait par la voix et les gestes…Selon le site Pocket-lint, le chef produit chez Samsung, Chris Moseley, attend de voir si Apple parvient à se hisser au niveau de qualité des écrans du constructeur coréen. “Nous n’avons pas vu ce qu’ils ont fait mais ce que nous savons c’est qu’ils n’ont pas 10.000 personnes au sein de leur département Recherche et Développement planchant sur l’imagerie”, aurait-t-il déclaré. M. Moseley semble reléguer un second plan la quantité d’applications offertes par une smart TV. Il ajoute : “soyons honnêtes, c’est une considération secondaire. Le principal critère concerne la qualité de l’image et il est impossible qu’une société – jeune ou vieille – arrive sur le marché cette année ou l’année prochaine et nous batte sur ce point”. Lorsque l’on voit la qualité d’affichage sur iPhone ou iPad, nous sommes impatients de voir quel rendu pourra proposer Apple dans le domaine des téléviseurs.Le 19 février 2012 à 19:00 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Woodland Salary Commission to hold public hearing

first_imgWOODLAND — The Woodland Salary Commission will hold a public hearing to get input from residents about proposed increases in elected officials’ salaries. The hearing is at 6 p.m. Friday in city council chambers, 200 E. Scott Ave., Woodland.The commission is proposing the following changes to compensation: The mayor will receive $1,000 a month, up from $800 a month currently. City councilors will receive $50 per city council meeting they attend, to not exceed four a month, which is up from the $25 a meeting it currently is. They’ll receive $25 per city membership meeting they attend to not exceed two a month, which is a new compensation.The commission defines a membership meeting as a meeting in which the councilor is representing the city, and listed some examples as Association of Washington Cities meetings or Cowlitz-Wahkiakum Council of Governments meetings.last_img read more

Father of two children killed in Rancho Bernardo house fire pleads not

first_imgFather of two children killed in Rancho Bernardo house fire pleads not guilty Posted: December 21, 2017 SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — A man accused of drinking himself to sleep and passing out with a lit cigarette, causing a fire in Rancho Bernardo that killed his two children, pleaded not guilty Thursday to charges of child endangerment causing death, reckless fire starting causing great bodily injury and involuntary manslaughter.Henry Lopez, who was seriously injured in the Oct. 28 blaze, was charged on Wednesday and surrendered to authorities this morning.He faces 14 years in state prison if convicted.Deputy District Attorney Kyle Sutterley asked for Lopez to be held on $1 million bail, but Superior Court Judge Laura Halgren allowed the defendant to remain free on supervised release. He will be required to wear an alcohol- monitoring bracelet while he’s out of custody.Witnesses spotted flames coming from the second-story of a condominium on Bernardo Terrace about 3:20 a.m. and dialed 911.Firefighters arrived within minutes and found 7-year-old Isabella Lopez and 10-year-old Cristos Lopez upstairs with their father. Both children died later at a hospital.Lopez was legally separated from his wife but the estranged couple owned the home together.According to court documents, Lopez threatened to burn the residence down during a conversation about selling the condo and finalizing their divorce.He will be back in court Jan. 18 for a readiness conference and Feb. 27 for a preliminary hearing. KUSI Newsroom, Updated: 9:25 AMcenter_img December 21, 2017 KUSI Newsroom Categories: Local San Diego News Tags: Court, Rancho Bernardo FacebookTwitterlast_img read more

The vehicle habitation ordinance in affect after San Diego City Council vote

first_img Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitter KUSI Newsroom KUSI Newsroom, Posted: May 15, 2019 May 15, 2019 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The San Diego City Council voted  in favor of an ordinance that places a limited ban on residents sleeping overnight or living in their cars within city limits.The ordinance makes illegal for residents to sleep in their vehicles from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. (when shelter beds are available or ”safe” parking lots are open) or at any time within 500 feet of a residence or school, excluding colleges and universities. The ordinance considers residents to be living in their vehicle if they use it for things like sleeping, bathing or preparing meals.The Public Safety and Livable Neighborhoods Committee approved the proposal last month, sending it to the city council for a final decision.It’s a restoration of a law that was previously in place,  replacing a nearly 36-year-old ban that the council unanimously voted to repeal in February. The city had not enforced the old ban since last year, when a federal judge issued an injunction because the ban was unconstitutionally vague in how the city defined a person as living in a car.Council members and community members in favor of the revised ban said San Diego recently has been flooded with homeless. They emphasized that the goal is to encourage residents living in their vehicles to use monitored parking lots where residents can safely sleep overnight and access job training and housing assistance services.There are four safe parking lots open in the city, with a fifth set to open in June. There also are 2,700 government-funded shelter beds available. Critics say the new law unnecessarily criminalizes homeless people.The council approved the new law 6-3 after more than three hours of debate and public testimony Tuesday at City Hall. Dissenting votes were cast by Council President Georgette Gomez and members Monica Montgomery and Chris Ward.Taking effect immediately, the law was approved as an emergency ordinance. The vehicle habitation ordinance in affect after San Diego City Council votelast_img read more

Comedian Varun Grover faces heat for 7yearold vulgar joke on Ayesha Takias

first_imgAyesha Takia and Varun GroverInstagramStand-up comedian Varun Grover is being criticised on social media for one of his jokes on actress Ayesha Takia. A short clip from a show is being circulated on social media that shows Varun making a sexist and vulgar comment on Ayesha’s private parts. The comment was made while Varun was making a joke on Amitabh Bachchan being a part of almost every project in India.”He is like everywhere. He is like aise nikal rahe hai, itne zyada nikal rahe hai jaise Ayesha Takia ke boobs,” Varun said on the show. While the clip is now being shared on social media, the remark was actually made during a show in 2012.Film-maker Ashoke Pandit apparently first shared the clip on Twitter. He also tagged actresses Shabana Azmi, Richa Chadha, Swara Bhasker and Nandita Das and criticised them for being silent.”Silence of @AzmiShabana ji @RichaChadha @ReallySwara @nanditadas on this misogynistic statement by @varungrover Where he literally abuses & molests @Ayeshatakia is sad. I appeal to all those who respect d dignity and respect of women to name and shame this so called comedian [sic],” he tweeted.Actor Anup Soni too reacted to this video, and tweeted, “@varungrover this is a bad one…Really bad one…This is not comedy.”Silence of @AzmiShabana ji @RichaChadha @ReallySwara @nanditadas on this misogynistic statement by @varungrover Where he literally abuses & molests @Ayeshatakia is sad. I appeal to all those who respect d dignity and respect of women to name and shame this so called comedian.— Ashoke Pandit (@ashokepandit) April 24, 2019@Ayeshatakia I have been ur fan since Tarzan ☺️ & you’re really beautiful. Make sure you take action against @varungrover I am ashamed of his statement. #ShameVarunGrover— Chowkidar Surbhi Srivastava (@SurbhiRsv) April 24, 2019Not expected from @varungrover .— Vaibhav Palaye (@VaibhavPalaye) April 24, 2019For the cheap standup comedians like @varungrover and his ilk comedy means Boobs,Pussy,dick and balls. They can’t think beyond this. Perverts masquerading as Standup comedians and dishing out porn as Comedy.— Chowkidaar Arun ?? (@ArunMahakaliBJP) April 24, 2019While Varun is being vehemently lambasted for his seven-year-old comment on Ayesha, Richa counter-attacked Ashoke by tweeting, “Sir,for you and for all those waiting to attack me again,I’d just like to say so much goes on in our country on a daily basis,(crime or otherwise), that for me to outrage at the speed with which you expect, I’d have to leave my day job as an actor and sit on Twitter all day.” Meanwhile, no response from Ayesha or Varun has come yet on this issue.last_img read more

Death toll in Afghan election centre attack reaches 57

first_img.Afghan shopkeeper Ali Rasuli was standing at the end of a long queue of people waiting to pick up their national ID certificates on Sunday when a fireball erupted in front of him.The suicide bombing outside a voter and ID registration centre in Kabul killed at least 57 people, injured 119 and briefly blinded Rasuli, leaving him with leg and abdominal injuries.“I found myself covered in blood, with dead people-women and children-around me,” 26-year-old Rasuli told AFP from his bed at Kabul’s Isteqlal Hospital where around 50 of the wounded had been rushed for treatment.The smell of blood permeated the hospital. In the morgue around a dozen bodies lay on the floor, including those of several children.Around 40 other wounded were taken to a trauma centre run by Italian NGO Emergency. Hundreds of relatives stood outside on the street waiting for news.Rasuli was among hundreds outside the registration centre on Sunday morning waiting to pick up their tazkira, or national ID document, which Afghans need to register to vote in legislative elections scheduled for October 20.The government has been pushing people to register at more than 7,000 polling centres around the country as it seeks to hold credible and fraud-free elections.“They all wanted to vote,” Rasuli said.Ali Jan was one of them.The 21-year-old student, who had planned to take part in his first-ever elections in October, tried to pick up his tazkira on Saturday but was turned away because officials had run out of paper.He went back on Sunday in hopes of better luck but instead was caught up in the blast.“They said the tazkira is needed to vote, but if they keep killing us how can we vote?” he told AFP from his hospital bed, his head bandaged.It was at least the third attack on a voter registration centre since 14 April when authorities began a two-month process to register up to 14 million adults ahead of long-delayed parliamentary and district council elections.Outside Isteqlal Hospital grief mixed with anger among anxious relatives waiting for news of loved ones.They directed their fury at the Afghan government and its apparent inability to protect ordinary people from suicide attacks.“Our patience is running out. This government should take responsibility for the lives of all these innocent people lost every day,” a man called Hussain, whose cousin was wounded in the blast, told AFP.“Nobody will go to vote anymore.”last_img read more

Expats urged to avoid Kuwait missionlike incident

first_imgBangladesh embassy in Kuwait. Photo: UNBForeign minister AK Abdul Momen has urged all Bangladesh missions abroad and expatriates to take proper steps to avoid the repetition of any incident like what happened in Bangladesh embassy in Kuwait on Thursday, reports UNB.Three people, including counsellor (political) and head of chancery Md Anisuzzaman were injured when a group of Bangladeshi workers of a Kuwaiti company – Lesco – attacked them.”Local police brought the situation under control and picked some workers up. The situation now remains fully peaceful,” said the foreign ministry release on Friday.It added that the government and the embassy in Kuwait have taken steps to have the arrested Bangladeshi workers released. Lesco has assured the workers of paying their arrears by 5 February and resolving the issues related to renewal of work permit.Meanwhile, Kuwaiti authorities are investigating Thursday’s vandalism and physical assaults on staff inside Bangladesh embassy in Kuwait by a group of agitated Bangladeshi workers, said an official on Friday.He said the probe is being carried out through analysing CCTV footage.The Bangladesh embassy, however, requested the Kuwaiti authorities not to harass any innocent worker during the investigation process.”We’ll make sure that no innocent worker is harassed. We’ve already talked to officials concerned in Kuwait. They’ve assured us in this regard,” Bangladesh ambassador to Kuwait SM Abul Kalam told UNB describing what happened on the day.On Thursday, a group of Bangladeshi workers ransacked the embassy property, including computers and TV, despite assurance from the ambassador to address their issues through discussions.Some 300-400 Bangladeshi workers, employees of the Kuwaiti company, took position in front of the embassy expressing their grievances against the company over arrears of three months – October-December 2018 – and iqamas (work permits) issues in the morning.”I had a meeting with a small group of them inside the embassy and identified their three problems, including arrears and iqama renewal,” said the ambassador conveying the workers’ representatives to fulfill their demand through consultation with the company officials.Later, the ambassador had another meeting with the manager (operation) of the company on the same day at his office asking him to address the issues raised by Bangladeshi workers.Ambassador Kalam said the company representative assured him of disbursing the arrears by February 5 and he also obtained a written statement from him for resolving the workers’ issues.When the company representative was going out from the embassy, some of the workers stopped him and got engaged in scuffling.Counsellor (Political) and head of chancery Md Anisuzzaman and two other staff came under attacks who were trying to help the company representative get into his car, embassy officials said.At one stage, some of the workers entered the embassy and ransacked its furniture indiscriminately despite ambassador’s assurances and requests to return to work.On request, members of law enforcement agencies rushed to the spot and picked up around 150 workers for questioning, said the embassy sources.The embassy has also conveyed the overall situation to the foreign ministry in Dhaka, said an official.last_img read more

WASA water contaminated in 59 areas

first_imgwasaWater supplied by Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (WASA) is contaminated in 59 areas under its 10 zones, according to a report submitted to the High Court on Thursday, reports UNB.Local government, rural development (LGRD) ministry placed the report prepared by WASA before the court.On 13 May, WASA handed over the report to the LGRD ministry.The areas that got polluted water Jatrabari, Basabo, Mugda, Rajarbagh, Kusumbagh, Jurain, Maniknagar, Manda, Dholaipar and Matuail under Zone-1; Bhagalpur, Lalbagh, Bakshibazar and Shahidnagar under Zone-2; Zigatala, Dhanmondi, Sukrabad, Kalabagan, Bhutergali and Mohammadpur under Zone-3; Shewrapara, Pirerbagh, Monipur Paikpara, Kazipara and Mirpur under Zone-4; Mohakhali and Tejgaon under Zone-5; Siddheswari, Shahjahanpur, Khilgaon, Moghbazar, Noyatola, Rampura, Malibagh and Paribagh under Zone-6; Kadamtali, Dhania, Shyampur, Rasulbagh, Merajnagar, Paterbagh, Shanirakhra, Konapara and Muslim Nagar under Zone-7; Badda, Aftabnagar, Bashundhara and Vatara under Zone-8; Uttara, Khilkhet, Fayedabad, Mollartek and Ranavola under Zone-9; and Kafrul, Kazipara, Mirpur, Kachukhet and Pallabi under Zone-10.Submitting the report, the ministry told the court that they will collect 1,065 water samples from the 10 zones and an amount of Tk 7.57 million will be required to test those.The HC bench of justice JBM Hassan and justice Khairul Alam asked chairman of Dhaka University’s Microbiology Department Prof Sabita Rezwana Rahman to give her opinion on the report before the court on 21 May.Deputy attorney general Motahar Hossain Sazu argued for LGRD ministry, lawyer Tanvir Ahmed moved for the petitioner and M Masud represented WASA.On 13 May, the HC expressed discontent as WASA failed to submit the report after examining its water supplied to different areas and asked the LGRD ministry to submit a report within 15 May after fixing the expenditure to be required for examining water supplied by WASA.The HC order came following a writ petition filed by lawyer Tanvir Ahmed attaching media reports published on the World Bank observations.On 8 May, the High Court ordered the authorities concerned to prepare a list of the areas receiving highly contaminated water supplied by Dhaka WASA.On 11 October 2018, the World Bank published a report which says over 75 million people of the country drink unsafe water as 41 per cent sources of water contains harmful bacteria. The report also said 13 per cent water contains arsenic.The World Bank report said about 80 per cent water supplied through pipeline contains harmful bacteria.On 6 November 2018, the High Court ordered the authorities concerned to form a five-member committee for examining the Dhaka WASA water.last_img read more

VIDEO Kevin Durant attempting to do an interview while eating face melting

first_img Advertisement Maybe the Cavs could sign these wings to defend KD in the Finals. Kevin Durant is on top of the basketball universe after crushing the Cavs in the Finals to win his first NBA title.Even though Durant barely broke a sweat in The Finals, it was a far different story when he sat down for an interview with a YouTube channel dedicated to face melting hot sauce.He did the Q&A while eating ‘wings of death’ slathered in various types of death sauce, and by the end of it was reduced to a sweaty mess.It’s actually a pretty interesting interview, but it’s never not entertaining watching people struggle to maintain their train of thought while lighting the inside their mouth on fire.last_img read more

Misfit Vapor X adds more battery life and style for an affordable

first_img Like the Fossil Gen 5 watches that were just announced, the Vapor X comes with the Cardiogram app on board, which essentially gives you a more detailed breakdown of your heart rate metrics. Spotify also comes pre-installed too, and you can save songs to the watch itself for playing on the go.A full charge only takes a little over an hour, apparently, and the watch is currently being offered at the “introductory” price of US$200 instead of $280 (no word on how long that price is going to last for).All of which makes the Vapor X one of the most appealing mid-range smartwatches out there at the moment. The latest Wear OS software from Google is included, complete with Google Assistant, but it’s the style and the lower price that make this wearable stand out in an increasingly crowded market.Previous Vapor watches have been a little hit and miss, but with the latest components inside, and just about every feature you could want on board (except perhaps LTE connectivity and a built-in speaker), the Vapor X has a lot of promise.Product page: Misfit Vapor X How effective are zoster vaccines in older adults? Find out on Yes No We recommend Powered by I consent to the use of Google Analytics and related cookies across the TrendMD network (widget, website, blog). Learn more How effective is the zoster vaccine? Read the research on AllMedX AllMedX Privacy policy The Misfit Vapor X is available in a black case with a black strap, rose case with a white strap, gunmetal case with a green strap, stainless grey case with a navy strap (shown), and “champagne” case with a lavender strapMisfit Just a few days after updating its flagship line of Wear OS smartwatches, Fossil has unveiled a new wearable from its more affordable Misfit line as well: the Vapor X. Its key selling points, besides that less expensive price, are improved battery life and a lightweight, stylish design.As with the Fossil Gen 5 smartwatches, it’s the new Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor keeping everything running, and enabling new power-saving modes that should be enough to extend battery life from one day to three days (if you can live without certain features). That’s paired with 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of internal storage.On the outside, the 42 mm watch features a 1.19-in touchscreen and a lightweight aluminum alloy case that Misfit says makes this its lightest watch yet. Color options on offer are black case with a black strap, rose case with a white strap, gunmetal case with a green strap, stainless grey case with a navy strap, and “champagne” case with a lavender strap.In terms of on-board features the Vapor X ticks a lot of the usual boxes, offering a heart rate sensor, NFC for making payments on the go, and GPS. It’s also water-resistant to a depth of 30 m (nearly 100 ft), though Misfit also says the watch can only survive swimming at “shallow” depths. AllMedX AllMedX Who is most likely to get shingles? Visit and learn the answer. Does the shingles vaccine prevent chicken pox? Get the facts on AllMedX Do you administer zoster vaccines? Read the latest research at Google Analytics settings Everyone older than 50 should get the shingles vaccine, Visit for details. AllMedX last_img read more