Was Kingsway Theatre saga an act of racism or jerkism TORONTO STAR

first_imgAdvertisement Facebook Login/Register With: Advertisement LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Advertisementcenter_img In his defence, Pereira said Adeliyi was “rude and belligerent to the staff,” which is why he called the police. He says he mentioned race in response to questions by the police.Did the police ask, “Is she black?” or “What is her race?” or “Describe this woman, including her skin colour?” The police won’t say.If Adeliyi was white, would Pereira have said, “She is a white woman with black clothes?” Twitter Readers, not just of colour, described similar bad experiences with the theatre in emails to the Star and on social media. On Yelp, the theatre owner Rui Pereira appeared to respond to negative reviewers with f-bombs.So how did racism become an element here? For Adeliyi, it happened when Pereira called the police on her and described her as black and threatening. Racism is not quite the same as jerk-ism, although a Venn diagram of the two sets would result in a huge overlap.An incident at Kingsway Theatre last weekend left Torontonians squabbling when the black actress, Wendy Olunike Adeliyi, posted on Facebook her experience of being denied entry to watch a film (ironically about race) because she was carrying a backpack.Was it racism or was it not?last_img read more

Iran president says US ”leader of world terrorism”

first_imgTehran: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Tuesday that the United States was the real “leader of world terrorism” after Washington blacklisted Iran’s Revolutionary Guards as a “foreign terrorist organisation”. “Who are you to label revolutionary institutions as terrorists?” Rouhani asked in a speech broadcast live by state television. Speaking at a ceremony to mark Iran’s national nuclear technology day in Tehran, Rouhani defended the Revolutionary Guards as a force that has fought terrorism ever since its creation in 1979. Also Read – Saudi Crown Prince ‘snubbed’ Pak PM, recalled jet from US In contrast, the Islamic republic’s president accused US forces of having always been directly or indirectly involved with terrorist groups or acts of terrorism. “You want to use terrorist groups as tools against the nations of the region… you are the leader of world terrorism. “Who is propagating and encouraging terrorism in today’s world? Who wanted to use ISIS (the Islamic State group) as a tool?” Rouhani asked, saying that the US is harbouring the leaders of the jihadist organisation. Also Read – Record number of 35 candidates in fray for SL Presidential polls “Even now America is hiding the heads of ISIS, even now they are not prepared to tell the regional governments where the heads of ISIS are hiding.” Iran swiftly retaliated against the US move on Monday by calling US troops “terrorists”. It is the first time that Washington has branded part of a foreign government a terrorist group, meaning that anyone who deals with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps could face prison in the United States. To support his accusations, Rouhani cited the downing of Iran Air Flight 655 in July 1988 by missiles fired from the US naval ship the USS Vincennes. “You have done everything imaginable. Which force was it that shot down our civil airliner in the waters of the Persian Gulf?” he said, adding that it was aimed at intimidating Iran. “You wanted to tell the Iranian nation that we do not have any red lines, you wanted to say that we also kill children, you wanted to say that we also kill women,” Rouhani said, concluding that the US was transmitting “a message of terrorism in the whole world.”last_img read more

The Latest Victims attorney PGE 11B settlement positive

SAN FRANCISCO — The Latest on PG&E agreeing to pay $11 billion as part of settlement with insurers (all times local):11:30 a.m.An attorney representing hundreds of California wildfire victims says Pacific Gas & Electric agreeing to pay $11 billion in a settlement with a group of insurance companies is a step in the right direction.Gerald Singleton represents more than 5,000 victims who lost their homes in Northern California wildfires started by the utility’s equipment.Singleton said the agreement announced Friday is good for the beleaguered company because it now has reached settlements with insurance companies and public entities.He adds “now we just have to get a fair amount for the individuals.”The utility announced it agreed to pay $11 billion to a group of insurance companies representing claims from Northern California wildfires in 2017 and 2018. It also reaffirmed its commitment to paying $1 billion to local governments.___7:20 a.m.Pacific Gas & Electric and a group of insurers say they have reached an $11 billion settlement to cover most of the claims from the 2017 and 2018 wildfires in California.The utility said in a statement Friday the tentative agreement covers 85% of the insurance claims, including a fire that decimated the town of Paradise.A group of insurers said in a separate statement the settlement is well below the $20 billion the insurance companies had sought in bankruptcy court.PG&E Corp. on Monday released a plan to offer nearly $18 billion to victims, insurance companies and cities and public entities in California that battled fires sparked by electrical equipment.PG&E sought bankruptcy protection in January because it said it could not afford an estimated $30 billion in damages.The Associated Press read more

Hannspree Creates More Novelty TVs

first_imgIf you’ve ever seen an oddly designed LCD TV that looks like it would be at home in a child’s playroom, chances are it was designed by Hannspree. Surprisingly, the market for novelty TVs isn’t saturated and Hannspree is making more of them. The company just announced an apple-shaped 28-inch set and a basketball-shaped 28-inch set. These LCDs have a wide viewing angle, a 1920 x 1200 native resolution, a 16:9 aspect ratio, 2 HDMI inputs, and a 10,000:1 contrast ratio.Hannspree has also just released a simple, sleek, 28-inch set with a piano-black bezel, and you can find it at BJs.com, CircuitCity.com, Costco.com, and TigerDirect.com. If you want one of the novelty shapes, however, look for a Hannspree retail store at Hannspree.com. They list for $499.99, so you’ll pay a little extra for that unusual shape.last_img read more

5story office building proposed in downtown Vancouver

first_imgMore mixed-use development is coming to downtown Vancouver, this time in the form of a new five-story building on Main Street.A pre-application filed with the city of Vancouver this week proposes knocking down the current home of money management firm Johnson Bixby & Associates, a one-story office at the corner of East 12th Street and Main Street.In its place will rise a five-story, 24,000-square-foot building to include conference space, offices and retail, aligning with other new projects that have risen up around downtown Vancouver.The project, to be overseen by Vancouver-based Robertson Engineering, will also include improvements to nearby streets and utilities. The new building will offer 20 surface parking stalls, according to the filings.It’s unclear when the project would break ground. The conference with city planners for the project is set for Jan. 4, but no timeline for demolition or construction is laid out in the filings.The future location of Johnson Bixby & Associates is also unclear. The filings don’t indicate whether the firm will take a spot in the new building or will look for different office space. The property, less than one-third of an acre, is owned by the company and the plans were signed by Heidi Johnson Bixby on Dec. 13.last_img read more

International School calls flag controversy a Mistake

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 10 Sept 2015 – They are calling it an honest mistake, school administrators at the International School of Providenciales say it was an admitted oversight by officials which led to the Turks and Caicos flag being flown below eight other flags in total and more specifically the Canadian and Sweden flag on the school’s premises recently. This in light of outrage by residents who called the act disrespectful after a picture surfaced on Facebook.It was leader of the Progressive Democratic Alliance, Oswald Skippings who first brought the grievance to light as he shared the photo and his thoughts with followers on social media saying, “This display of flags is obviously a total disregard for our sovereignty.” Residents who felt the act degraded the Turks and Caicos flag also shared similar sentiments.Amidst the controversy, school officials say they have repositioned the TCI flag. Administrators say the flags represent the nationalities of their students and are sometimes raised by the school children, as was the case in this instance.On the school grounds today, the TCI flag could be seen visibly flying high, on its own pole. Turks and Caicos flag protocols states that the TCI flag must be flown above the flags of other countries. Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:tci flag, turks and caicos international schoollast_img read more

The Iconoclash Program Cartoonist Panel Talk Political Correctness

first_imgThe Iconoclash program is sponsoring a panel at New York University’s Washington D.C. campus on Feb. 11 from 6:30 p. m. – 8 p. m. The panel will feature caricature cartoonists Steven Degryse, Kevin Kallaugher, Ann Telnaes, and Matt Wuerker who will discuss the acceptability of cartoons as they merge with political, religious, and other personal beliefs. The conversation will take place one year after the tragic attacks on the French Satirical Magazine Charlie Hebdo. Panelists will discuss political correctness as it pertains to comedic art. The event is free and open to the public, and it will take place at 1307 L street N.W. For more information, visit events.nyu.edu/#event_id/92121/view/event.last_img read more

Researchers investigate why clothes dont fall apart

first_img © 2018 Phys.org Strong carbon fiber artificial muscles can lift 12,600 times their own weight This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Cotton thread is made of many tiny fibers, each just 2-3 cm long, yet when spun together the fibers are capable of transmitting tension over indefinitely long distances. From a physics perspective, how threads and yarns transmit tension—making them strong enough to keep clothes from falling apart—is a long-standing puzzle that is not completely understood. Citation: Researchers investigate ‘why clothes don’t fall apart’ (2018, April 23) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2018-04-dont-fall.html In a new paper published in Physical Review Letters entitled “Why Clothes Don’t Fall Apart: Tension Transmission in Staple Yarns,” physicists Patrick Warren at Unilever R&D Port Sunlight, Robin Ball at the University of Warwick, and Ray Goldstein at the University of Cambridge have investigated yarn tension in the framework of statistical physics. Using techniques from linear programming, they show that the collective friction among fibers creates a locking mechanism, and as long as there is sufficient friction, a random assembly of fibers can in principle transmit an indefinitely large tension.Their results provide a quantitative basis for the heuristic explanation proposed by Galileo in 1638, who was puzzling over the problem of how a rope can be so strong when it is made of such small fibers. “The very act of twisting causes the threads to bind one another in such a way that… when the rope is stretched… the fibers break rather than separate from each other,” he wrote. In modern terms, Galileo was describing friction.In the new study, the researchers modeled the yarn as a group of randomly overlapping fibers. The results showed that, as the friction increases, a percolation transition emerges. As the researchers explain, this transition corresponds to “a switch from a ‘ductile’ failure model where the yarn fails by fiber slippage… to a ‘brittle’ failure mode where the failure mechanism is fiber breakage.” Above this threshold, the tensile strength becomes roughly 100 times stronger than before.”We now understand better at a fundamental level how friction stops fibrous materials from falling apart,” Goldstein told Phys.org. “From an applied perspective, we can use the insights to underpin the design of fabric conditioners, for example.”In the future, the model could also be used to optimize the properties of sewing threads made of various fiber blends. When extended from fibers to granular media, the results may also have applications for better understanding the stress transmission in sand piles and grain silos. In addition, the researchers plan to investigate the threshold in greater depth.”We plan to write a longer paper exploring the nature of the ‘supercritical’ state, above the percolation transition,” Goldstein said.center_img Journal information: Physical Review Letters More information: Patrick B. Warren, Robin C. Ball, and Raymond E. Goldstein. “Why Clothes Don’t Fall Apart: Tension Transmission in Staple Yarns.” Physical Review Letters. DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.120.158001 Explore further Cotton sewing thread. Credit: Warren et al. Published by the American Physical Societylast_img read more

Enhanced AntiSpoofing for Windows 10

first_imgEnhanced Anti-Spoofing for Windows 10 by Martin Brinkmann on June 20, 2016 in Tutorials – Last Update: May 22, 2018 – 9 commentsMicrosoft’s Windows 10 operating system supports a whole array of biometric login and authentication options.Instead of having to log in typing a username and password, Windows 10 users can use their fingerprint, face, or other biometric information to sign in.Microsoft calls these biometric sign in options Windows Hello, and they are only available if the device’s hardware supports them.For instance, to sign in using facial recognition your device would need access to a (IR) camera, while a fingerprint reader would be needed to sign in using your fingerprint.Configuring Windows HelloYou need to do the following to configure Windows Hello functionality on a device:Tap on the Windows-key, and select the Settings application link from the options displayed to you. Alternatively, use the shortcut Windows-I to open the Settings app directly.Navigate to Accounts > Sign-in Options.First thing you need to do is set a new PIN as it is used as a fallback option in case the biometric sign-in fails.Locate Windows Hello on the same page afterwards, and click on set up next to one of the available biometric authentication options.Follow the instructions on screen to complete the setup. For facial recognition, simply look at the camera when instructed to do so to complete the process.Depending on your device’s hardware capabilities, you may see none, one or multiple options to use biometric identification to authenticate on the device.Please note that you can only enable Windows Hello if the device supports at least one option, and if the feature has not been disabled by a system administrator.As far as what is happening in the background during the set up process: Windows creates a representation of the captured data, encrypts it, and stores it on the device. This data is not the photo of a user, the iris or the fingerprint, but data that is used to recognize it.You can read more about Windows Hello and privacy on Microsoft’s website.Enhanced Anti-Spoofing for Windows 10Enhanced Anti-Spoofing is an optional security feature that is not enabled by default. Facial recognition on Windows 10 uses algorithms to determine if what’s in front of the camera is a photograph or a real human being.You may improve the detection by enabling enhanced anti-spoofing options provided that the device supports those.You have two options to improve the security of the biometric sign-in process: using the Group Policy or the Windows Registry.Enable Enhanced Anti-Spoofing: Group PolicyYou may enable the security feature using the Group Policy Editor.Please note that the Group Policy Editor is only available on professional or Enterprise versions of Windows 10. If you get an error message launching it, skip to the Registry method below.The following steps are required:Tap on the Windows-key, type gpedit.msc and hit enter.Use the hierarchy on the left to navigate to the following folder: Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Biometrics > Facial FeaturesDouble-click on the policy “Use enhanced anti-spoofing when available”.On the window that opens, switch the policy to enabled, and click on the ok button afterwards.This enables the feature, and Windows will make use of it from that moment on provided that the device supports it. There is unfortunately no indication whether that is the case or not.If you enable this policy setting, Windows will require all users on the device to use anti-spoofing for facial features, on devices which support it.If you disable this policy setting, enhanced anti-spoofing is turned off for all users on the device and they will be unable to turn it on.To turn the feature off again, repeat the steps outlined above but switch the status of the policy to disabled, or not configured.Enable Enhanced Anti-Spoofing: Windows RegistryThe feature can be enabled using the Windows Registry as well.Tap on the Windows-key, type regedit.exe and hit the Enter-key.Confirm the UAC prompt that is displayed.Use the key structure on the left to navigate to the following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Biometrics\FacialFeaturesIf Biometrics does not exist, right-click on Microsoft and select New > Key from the menu. Name the key Biometrics and hit enter.If FacialFeatures does not exist, right-click on Biometrics and select New > Key from the menu. Name the key FacialFeatures and hit enter.Right-click on FacialFeatures afterwards and select New > Dword (32-bit) Value.Name it EnhancedAntiSpoofing.Double-click the new preference afterwards, and set its value to 1.This enables enhanced anti-spoofing using the Windows Registry. To undo the change, delete the key again or set its value to 0 instead of 1. (via Make Tech Easier)SummaryArticle NameEnhanced Anti-Spoofing for Windows 10DescriptionFind out how to improve the security of signing in to Windows 10 devices using facial recognition by enabling enhanced anti-spoofing protection.Author Martin BrinkmannPublisher Ghacks Technology NewsLogo Advertisementlast_img read more

Family steps up to support 9yearold boy who was bullied for wearing

first_imgShare this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… Tell him he looks super cute and I just love the lip colour. Wish i could carry it off as well as he did. And a big hug for him. Tell him he is the most courageous kid I have seen. It takes courage to be different and do what you want. He is doing it— Priyashmita Guha (@priyashmita) June 18, 2018 Got a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . Diksha and her cousin rocking the lipstick | Photo: Twitter @BijlaniDiksha eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) The world needs more sisters like you. Thank you for this. Hugs, if I may.— Vivek Tejuja (@vivekisms) June 19, 2018Others shared their own ways of supporting Little Cuz.Here’s a little something in his support. pic.twitter.com/YHGh6ceTEX— वरुण (@varungrover) June 19, 2018 Update: Today, Little Cuz picked up his sister’s pink bicycle. Uncle ridiculed him for riding on a pink bicycle like a girl (bec that’s how petty my fam is). He retorts & says “Gender real nai hota. Kal mene aur bhaiya dono ne red lipstick lagaya tha didi ke saath. Aap puchlo” — Diksha Bijlani (@BijlaniDiksha) June 19, 2018And don’t worry, she translated the Hindi.“Gender is not real. This morning elder brother & I applied lipstick along with our sister. Ask them if you dont believe”— Diksha Bijlani (@BijlaniDiksha) June 20, 2018How did the internet react?Most people embraced the story and Little Cuz, calling him courageous and hoping stories like this change attitudes.this thread is important! india needs to bid a goodbye to the stereotypes and put an end to the stigma! stop shaming on the basis on your own shallow thoughts regarding one’s gender roles, accept the change! respect everyone’s choices, it’s THEIR life! live and let live, pls! https://t.co/8DusndK2Fv— unicorn. (@_subtleturtle_) June 19, 2018center_img Diksha said he is the most ‘effeminate’ in the house and ‘loves to paint nails, wear lipcolour, learn home science’.He wore some lipstick and was called ‘chakka’, a derogatory term for trans people.My cousin, 9, is the most “effeminate” in the house. Let’s call him Little Cuz. Loves to paint nails, wear lipcolour, learn home science! But in this stereotypical alpha male-centric household he’s often the pivot of jokes. Today he applied lipcolour & got called a “chakka” (1/n) pic.twitter.com/mZ2FplPNyP— Diksha Bijlani (@BijlaniDiksha) June 18, 2018Diksha further wrote that because Little Cuz lives in a ‘stereotypical alpha male-centric household, he’s often the pivot of jokes’.He hid away to hide the lipstick from both any cameras and his mom.‘Somehow it is always the moms that feel most “embarassed” with their masculine, hardy sons trying makeup. Or anything feminine,’ she added.So he hid behind the curtain & under the bed, shielding his lipcoloured face from the camera & from his mom. Somehow it is always the moms that feel most “embarassed” with their masculine, hardy sons trying makeup. Or anything feminine. (2/n)— Diksha Bijlani (@BijlaniDiksha) June 18, 2018So what did the family do?In order to help encourage Little Cuz and make him feel less alone, Diksha and her siblings all donned lipstick.She wrote about the decision: ‘In such a house it takes constant work as elder cousins to undo the conditioned gender binary,normalise gender neutral acts which are deemed feminine. So we all wore lip color to make him comfortable & accepted. He felt a specially empowered when he saw my brother wearing it.’In such a house it takes constant work as elder cousins to undo the conditioned gender binary,normalise gender neutral acts which are deemed feminine. So we all wore lip color to make him comfortable & accepted. He felt a specially empowered when he saw my brother wearing it(3/n) pic.twitter.com/aixXrfMpbw— Diksha Bijlani (@BijlaniDiksha) June 18, 2018Then Little Cuz joined them in his own fabulous lipstick.My brother gave up any toxic masculinity & complied to influence Little Cuz. Little Cuz came out & smiled comfortable in his skin.So important to realise that we owe the responsibility of giving every younger kid a safe space to embrace his place within the gender spectrum(4/n) pic.twitter.com/d9ffsJbsTa— Diksha Bijlani (@BijlaniDiksha) June 18, 2018She finished her story with some important thoughts on gender and acceptance. GAYSTARNEWS- Twitter user @BijlaniDiksha recently share a story about her 9-year-old cousin. He was bullied and called names for wearing lipstick — so his family decided to do something about it. please show him this picture and/or my insta page. it wouldve changed my life as a child to have seen another brown boy expressing himself. this story made me super happy pic.twitter.com/Z04vFfKTFA— joel (@joellouzado) June 20, 2018More from Gay Star News7-year-old gender fluid Cooper: ‘Little boys can like makeup too’ Gay man recalls how he used duct tape to get his own back on school bullyRemembering Daniel: 2018 Margate Pride will help fight mental health stigmaTom Daley wears rainbow pin while accepting silver medal in RussiaRead the full article on Gaystarnews:  :https://www.gaystarnews.com/article/family-support-boy-bullied-lipstick/last_img read more

Hiroshima marks 67th anniversary of Abomb attack

first_img Sponsored Stories Top Stories Hiroshima Mayor Kazumi Matsui said Japan must take a bolder role in leading global disarmament efforts and called on world leaders to come to his city to “contemplate peace.”He also said the accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant struck by a tsunami last year has shown the dangers of nuclear technology, even for peaceful purposes, and urged the government to create a mix of energy sources for Japan that is safe and secure.“I firmly believe that the demand for freedom from nuclear weapons will soon spread out from Hiroshima, encircle the globe, and lead us to genuine world peace,” he said.Matsui noted that the average survivor of the bombing is now 78 years old, and said the city is increasing its effort to provide them with health care and chronicle their experiences so the events of that day are remembered.Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda said Japan must pass on the experience to future generations so the lessons of Hiroshima are not forgotten.Daniel is the oldest grandchild of Harry and Bess Truman. He has published two books, a memoir and a collection of his grandparents’ letters.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family Comments   Share   5 greatest Kentucky Derby finishes More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debates Associated PressTOKYO (AP) – Japan marked the 67th anniversary of the world’s first atomic bomb attack with a ceremony Monday that was attended by a grandson of Harry Truman, the U.S. president who ordered the bomb dropped on Hiroshima.About 50,000 people gathered in Hiroshima’s peace park near the epicenter of the 1945 blast that destroyed most of the city and killed as many as 140,000 people. A second atomic bombing Aug. 9 that year in Nagasaki killed tens of thousands more and prompted Japan to surrender to the World War II Allies. Clean energy: Why it matters for Arizona New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths The ceremony, attended by representatives of about 70 countries, began with the ringing of a temple bell and a moment of silence. Flowers were placed before Hiroshima’s eternal flame, which is the park’s centerpiece.Truman’s grandson, Clifton Truman Daniel, and the grandson of a radar operator who was on both of the planes that dropped the atomic bombs, joined in the memorial. Ari Beser’s grandfather, Jacob Beser, was the only person who directly took part in both the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings.In a news conference after the memorial, Daniel declined to comment on whether his grandfather’s decision was the right one.“I’m two generations down the line. It’s now my responsibility to do all I can to make sure we never use nuclear weapons again,” he said, according to Japan’s Kyodo news service.Daniel, 55, said earlier that he decided to visit Hiroshima and Nagasaki because he needed to know the consequences of his grandfather’s decision as part of his own efforts to help achieve a nuclear-free world.The U.S. government sent a representative _ the American ambassador _ to the annual commemoration for the first time two years ago. Ambassador John Roos attended the Hiroshima ceremony on Monday. The difference between men and women when it comes to painlast_img read more

UAE Arrests made in suspected alQaida cell

first_imgDUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) – The United Arab Emirates said Thursday that authorities have arrested seven suspected members of terrorist cell linked to al-Qaida that allegedly planned to carry out operations in the country and the region.Few details were disclosed about the alleged network, but it reflects growing claims by the UAE and other Gulf nations that militant groups are seeking to battle the region’s Western-backed rulers after the Arab Spring. Top Stories Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day 5 ways to recognize low testosterone The vital role family plays in society Sponsored Stories Comments   Share   center_img Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project The UAE is currently holding a mass trial for 94 suspected coup plotters with alleged links to an Islamist group and the Muslim Brotherhood, which now governs Egypt.The statement, carried by the official WAM news agency, said the latest arrests comprise seven suspects of “Arab nationalities,” but gave no further details. The report said officials believe the cell was planning to carry out acts “affecting the security” of the country and recruit others for wider attacks around the region.Other Gulf nations have announced arrests linked to suspected anti-state networks, but have given few specifics.Last month, Saudi Arabia said it uncovered an alleged Iran-linked espionage ring. Bahrain has repeatedly claimed that Iran and proxy groups, including Lebanon’s Hezbollah, have ties to Shiite protesters waging an Arab Spring-inspired uprising that began in early 2011.(Copyright 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix 4 ways to protect your company from cyber breacheslast_img read more

travelmob building an online social marketplace

first_imgtravelmob chief executive and co-founder Turochas Fuad believes in the concept of collaborative consumption and has based his new online business on this model.This notion of collaborative consumption is based on the idea of sharing or renting access to products as opposed to actual ownership and is an enormously popular format for other online businesses, such as eBay and Craigslist.“travelmob is trying to organise the unorganised – anyone can rent out their space, anyone can rent out their excess properties but there’s really no platform complete platform out there to do that,” Mr Fuad said.The Asia-Pacific region is teeming with history, steeped in culture and rich with natural and man-made attractions – making it the perfect place to explore a more genuine travel experience.Guests are presented the opportunity to develop a genuine bond with their hosts, live like a local and immerse themselves in the culture of their destinations.travelmob.com is a social marketplace where global travelling ‘guests’ can search and book accommodation owned by local ‘hosts’ in Asia Pacific (APAC).“The Asia Pacific region is the fastest growing travel market; combine that with the rise of new middle-income earners, budget airlines and increased access… and you have a very sweet spot there,” Mr Fuad told e-Travel Blackboard.“Our accommodation options offer guests a home-away-from-home, an escape from the regular static atmosphere and ultimately, value for money.”travelmob listings have grown by 526 percent since the company’s beginnings in July 2012 and recorded 16-fold growth in Australia; with the expectation to further grow their business down under in the future.“The majority of our travellers are intra-Asia Pacific travellers and we hope to capitalise on this burgeoning market, while helping to bring traffic to Australia.“We can try to build our own supply here and find partnerships to grow business in Australia,” Mr Fuad said.Looking to the future, travelmob has noticed that 50-60 percent of bookings occur within the same month of travel and there are plenty of unsold inventories available.“We’ve paired this impulsive planning with our unused accommodation, creating a last-minute opportunity.”An often forgotten element of travel is etiquette and travelmob provide a guide on their website for both guests and hosts to help guide communications, educate both parties and enhance the overall travel experience.“Travel is a bit more dynamic these days, communication is key and when you tie in the social media element with all of this, it comes full circle.”Source = e-Travel Blackboard: P.T. “travelmob is trying to organise the unorganised”– CEO and co-founder Turochas Faud.last_img read more


first_imgairlinesEmiratesspecials Emirates is offering new competitive fares when booked by 21 July 2019, for select travel period between 24 July 2019 and 30 April 2020.Economy Class travellers can enjoy return flights starting at as little as $1,159 to Dubai, $1,279 to Paris, $1,529 to Johannesburg, among others^.Emirates Business Class passengers can also take advantage of the competitive fares, with return fares to Dubai starting at $7,279, Paris from $6,779, $7,789 to Johannesburg and $8,379 to Rio de Janeiro^.Australian passengers who fly with the airline before 31 August 2019 will also have be able to use Emirates’ ‘My Emirates Pass’, which allows travellers spending time in Dubai access to exclusive deals and offers in the cosmopolitan hub.By simply showing your Emirates boarding pass, Australian users will be able to make the most of partnerships with more than 500 locations, including fine dining restaurants, key shopping destinations, and leisure activities such as indoor skiing and aquariums.last_img read more

Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires

first_img Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires The Arizona Cardinals announced their preseason schedule on Tuesday, revealing that the team will play one of its two home games on national television.Apart from the game that will be on national TV, the exact times and dates of the other three games are still to be determined.The Cardinals will open their preseason at home at State Farm Stadium to play the Los Angeles Chargers. That game will take place between Aug. 8 and Aug. 12., featuring a Chargers team that matched the 12-4 record put up by their AFC West rival Chiefs last season. On Thursday, Aug. 15, the Cardinals play on ESPN at 5 p.m. MST against the Oakland Raiders. That game features some significant intrigue already, as those two teams are the two heavy favorites to land quarterback Kyler Murray in this year’s NFL Draft. That game also is at State Farm Stadium.Related LinksReport: Cardinals QB Josh Rosen showed up to work earlyCardinals re-sign DT Rodney Gunter, ink 4 more free agentsKyler Murray expected to visit with Arizona CardinalsAt some point between Aug. 22-25, the Cardinals will play their preseason Week 3 game in Minnesota at U.S. Bank Stadium. Last year’s Vikings went 8-7-1, finishing second in their division behind the Chicago Bears.The Cardinals’ final preseason game in 2019 will be played in Denver at Mile High Stadium against the Broncos, who traded for former Ravens signal-caller Joe Flacco this offseason. That game is slated to fall on either Aug. 29 or Aug. 30.The 2019 regular season schedule is expected to be announced later this month. It will include games against the Steelers, Browns, Falcons, Panthers and Lions, as well as division foes in the Rams, Seahawks and 49ers. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Top Stories 7 Comments   Share   Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling (Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images) Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

St Maarten — With breathtaking landscapes turquo

first_imgSt. Maarten — With breathtaking landscapes, turquoise waters and white sand beaches, St. Maarten wants to make it easy for elite travelers to plan their trip.To help in the planning process, the tourist board has set the Top 10 Attractions, according to a press release received by Elite Traveler.· 12 Metre Regatta – Renowned as “The Number One Shore Excursion in the Caribbean” , participants board America’s Cup-winning Stars & Stripes, Canada II or True North for a once in a lifetime adventure. The crew will teach guests how to operate the ship and assign each person a “crew member” position. Grind a winch, trim a sail, punch a stop watch, or just sit back and relax as you hit the raceway. Visit www.12Metre.com for more information.· Rhino Safari – Adventurers of all ages are guaranteed a thrill of a lifetime ride onboard a 10 foot inflatable motorboat along St Maarten’s magnificent coast line. Participants will follow a personal guide while making a stop at a wild reef for some spectacular snorkeling. For more information, e-mail RhinoSafari@StMaarten.com.· Horse Back Riding – A great way to enjoy the sights of St. Maarten, visitors can check out Lucky Stables (www.luckystables.shoreadventures.net), a top riding facility on the island, located on a 30-acre nature park in Cay Bay. The stable provides trails for horseback riding as well as horse and carriage rides, while its ideal beachfront location is perfect for taking a mid-day swim.· Deep Sea Fishing – Search the seas of St. Maarten for Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Skip Jack Tuna, Big Eye Tuna, Yellow Fin Tuna, Sailfish, Dorado, Mahi Mahi, Dolphin, King Fish, Barracuda, Spanish Mackerel, Wahoo and more. Enjoy the turquoise waters and sapphire blue Atlantic Ocean. St. Maarten offers visitors a variety of fishing experiences for experienced, avid and recreational fishermen. Excursions are available from operators throughout the island.· Sunset Cruise – Departing from the dock at SkipJack’s Restaurant in Simpson Bay, guests can board the ship for an hour and a half ride on the largest lagoon in the Caribbean. Enjoy the sights of Point Pirouette, Mullet Bay, and the luxurious houses of the rich and famous. On the return voyage, get an up close and personal look at the incoming flights as they fly right overhead. Visit www.SailStMaarten.com for more information.· Cheri’s Café – Located in the center of Maho, Cheri’s Cafe (www.cheriscafe.com) features live music and entertainment six nights a week. This popular nightspot is a must visit for those who love to dance beneath the stars.· Sunset Beach Bar – Sunset Beach Bar is St. Maarten’s most popular beach bar situated at the end of the runway of Princess Juliana’s International Airport. Visitors can watch planes take off and land overhead each and every day while enjoying tropical refreshments.· GuavaBerry Shop – Don’t miss historical Philipsburg’s world-famous Guavaberry Emporium. Guavaberry is the legendary liquor of St. Maarten and is produced on Front Street on the site of an abandoned 18th Century Jewish synagogue.· 37 Beaches – Kick back and relax on one of the 37 beaches in St. Maarten, all open to the public. Those on the windward Atlantic side offer more waves and are perfect for sailing or surfing, while those on the Caribbean side provide calm turquoise waters perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Some of the most popular include Mullet Bay, Pinel, Legalion, and Orient Beach.· Butterfly Farm – One of the most popular St. Maarten attractions, The Butterfly Farm(www.thebutterflyfarm.com) features hundreds of rare and exotic butterflies in a beautifully landscaped, quiet garden. At any given time, some 40 species of butterflies, numbering as many as 600, flutter inside the garden under a tented net. The farm offers informative guided tours, and is great fun for children of all ages.last_img read more

Australian DJ known as Adam Sky dies on Bali islan

first_imgAustralian DJ known as Adam Sky dies on Bali island by The Associated Press Posted May 6, 2019 9:30 am PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email JAKARTA, Indonesia — An Australian DJ popular on the Asian club circuit was found dead after suffering massive bleeding from an injury at a resort complex on the Indonesian island of Bali, police said Monday.Adam Neat’s official social media pages carried a statement confirming his death, saying he died while trying to help a friend who suffered multiple fractures on Saturday.Indonesian police said they are still investigating the death of the 42-year-old performer, who used the stage name Adam Sky. An initial police report seen by The Associated Press said Neat suffered a deep and wide cut to his arm that caused massive bleeding.Local police chief Dody Monza said the body was found lying near a bathroom in his bedroom by two housekeepers at Hillstone Villa where the DJ stayed in Bali, a few minutes after they heard a woman scream for help.Police said a 22-year-old Russian woman described as a friend of Neat’s was found naked beside the villa with a broken leg, while bloodstained glass fragments were found in Neat’s room. Police did not say how the woman was injured.Police Detective Muhammad Nurul Yaqin said a preliminary investigation showed that Neat was drunk at the time and smashed a glass window in his bedroom. Part of the broken window fell on his right arm, causing severe bleeding, he said.“We cannot conclude yet whether he intended to break the glass or accidentally hit it,” he said.Monza said Neat’s wife arrived in Bali after his death and refused an autopsy.“We are still investigating this case despite an autopsy refusal by Neat’s wife,” he said.Neat’s website says he has toured with artists including Taio Cruz and The Scissor Sisters.The Associated Press In this Saturday, May 4, 2019, photo released by Denpasar Police, officers inspect the villa where Australian DJ Adam Neat was found dead after reportedly crashing through a glass window while trying to help a stricken friend in Kuta, Bali, Indonesia. (Denpasar Police via AP) last_img read more

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Steven Pinker (35 mD of fame) Harvard University psychologist discusses the impact of writing a book and the importance of having good hair: The Science podcast player requires the Flash plug-in (version 8 or higher). Stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson return in this behind-the-scenes look to reveal top-secret intel from the set and track the process of returning Agents Mulder and Scully to the screen.” Scoggin said in his verdict memorandum,上海龙凤论坛Journey.S. the committee has just three weeks to submit its report. Section 150 of the 2010 Electoral Act vests the power to prosecute electoral offences in the Commission.S. how did he turn himself into a goal machine? ” said one internal memo. No one person or group has the right to claim credit for it.

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